Rachel Bilson defended by Drag Queens

My sister was visiting me last week and wanted to see a celebrity, so we went to hollywood around 1 AM and found a pack of paparazzi outside of Bardot. Sure enough after about 10 minutes out walks Rachel Bilson. She honestly looked mad, and drunk and did stumble....the paparazzi followed her as she crossed the street, and some drunken drag queens from the nearby gay club Tigerheat tried to fend away the pap, which made a pissed off looking Rachel start laughing, it was cute.

overall I liked her. she was cute. i love drunk girls.

anyway a few minutes later out comes Ashlee Simpson, wonder if they hung out tonight or not? (Ed Westwick was there as well, got no pics.)

She literally ran out of the place into her car it was funny

and me looking like a huge toolbag in the BG

i'm in the jeans and t-shirt lol


i realize that i look like total shit in all of these, no need to point that out kthx

source: me and my camera | wenn