Who knew this fierce bitch blogged?

Alison Goldfrapp Blogs about new album, Lady Gaga's penis shrivels

Here are a few excerpts from her blog regarding their upcoming album!

- "We had a productive week and i think its safe to say this album is gonna be a lot more up than the last, reckon its gonna be really fun to play this one live.  dont get me wrong i loved playing the last one too, but this will be a different kind of fun.  i cant wait !"

- "Been off the radar a bit, we’ve been in london writing.  we’re  looking for a new manager, nursing broken foots (no wearing of morter boards) meetings, meetings and more meetings.  all good stuff though, all moving forwards towards creating the album and our future etcetcetc !"

-"We are beavering away writing  and its really coming along now!  There are days when it can feel a struggle but that’s just normal i suppose.  We just have to ride them out knowing that something will click again soon! its like magic and i love it!  i don’t want to say too much because it’s a process that i find hard to describe and i dont want to jinx it in these earlyish days.  i just wanted you to know that we are having fun and its going well."

And a critique on Quentin Tarantino's new movie Inglorious Basterds

- "went to the premier of inglorious bastards.  tarantino introduced the film by screaming down the microphone like a crazy madman which was quite funny and probably gave us an insight to what being directed by him is like?  it started off well i thought and it looked great.  very witty in places, good acting and great music.  then i started getting bored, but im not sure why? mabe because typically of tarantino there was an abundance of comedic gratuitous violence.  it was all going nowhere and left  me feeling depressed.  ultimately the whole thing seemed completly pointless? anyway i was glad i went and limped to a taxi in my new shoes, my left foot looking like a bacon bun.

As much as i loved the folkiness of seventh tree, I'm partly glad that theyre doing a dance album again, atleast that's how i'm interpreting the quote about the new album being more up than the last. I hope this comes out by the beginning of next year!

Source: http://www.goldfrapp.com/blog

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