Scenes from Juggalo, USA

Last week, the 10th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos came to the tiny Illinois village of Cave-in-Rock -- bringing together fans of Psychopathic Records artists, particularly Insane Clown Posse, for four hot days of camping, hanging out, Faygo-drinking, and communion. Eyewitness Chicagoist was not there, because we are allergic to both Faygo and anyone who is wearing clown make-up. But local artist Derek Erdman was there, and he came away with some very exciting photographs and video footage.

I finally got permission from the artist to repost 20 of the images, but there are over 60 amazing ones to be seen!! Go directly to the Derek Erdman's site to check them out.

Erdman says he only spent about four hours at the gathering, taking pics and shooting video with his friend David W. "I thought it was going to be a horror, but those people were very friendly and liked what was happening," Erdman says. "They sure didn't seem to care about the amount of litter they left though -- I guess they're like nihilists having a good time. It was a lot like visiting Grateful Dead parking lots in the early 1990s, a lot of people that I didn't relate to having a good time. Actually, the Juggalos seemed genuinely more friendly than some of the Dead Heads that I remember meeting." Though he tried some of the pink "rumonade" (rum and lemonade), which he found to be "just OK-tasting," Erdman didn't try any "fresh roasted korn" (its marketing slogan, "slob on da kob, bitch," might not be the best we've ever heard) or other Juggatreats. Nor did he and David W camp on the premises, choosing a hotel about an hour away from the site. "I'd say I felt like an intruder," he says of the experience.

This year's Juggalo Gathering schedule featured Gwar, Vanilla Ice, Pauly Shore, and many other acts that were popular when we were studying algebra. And as Erdman's pictorial shows, many attendees provided their own entertainment offerings -- including "necro-bestiality 4 sale," an intriguing game called "Guess What's in the Can?" and displays of nudity by Juggalettes.

The girl in red is 6 months pregnant and smoking. Watch the video to hear her talk about how her baby is gonna be a down-ass lette and how they've already ordered baby hatchet gear.

The video is incredible. Trust me.