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Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour Book 2009 scans

Hi everyone. This is my first post here, so please don't be cruel.
I've been to Madonna's show in St.Petersburg, Russia on August 2nd and bought there the tour book. Since these pictures have not yet been posted I though you might wanna take a look at them.

Please forgive the poor quality and my English. It was pouring rain (a damn flood actually) and the tour book got really wet =(
There were 50 000 people at the show (on the Palace Square) and the show got delayed for 40 minutes because of that stupid rain. But when Madonna finally came out she was really rocking the show. She danced and jumped and sang and all of it was pretty awesome. She swore a couple of times in Russian, which was kinda cute :) She also said that she was dreaming of performing in St.Petersburg and her dream has finally came true, so she's happy and feels privileged.
There was everything from the tour book show pictures (the car, the boxers, tribute to Michael Jackson, etc.)... well, except for Justin Timberlake of course.

The Tour Book photographer is Tom Munro. All pics are clickable to a bigger size.

The ticket

Source: Me & my scanner
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