Zachary Quinto Talks Comic Books

AMBUSH BUG (BUG): I guess one would assume you were into genre stuff from your choice in roles (HEROES & STAR TREK), but that's not always the case. Are you a regular comic book reader?

ZACHARY QUINTO (ZQ): I didn’t grow up reading comic books, but I’ve discovered them through my work, as you mentioned. Due to that connection, I’ve come to read them and admire the artistry, the story-telling, and the passion with which they’re created. My producing partner, Corey Moosa, is a lifelong fan, and has been a big part of my education in this world. And I’m learning more as we go.

BUG: What about the comics industry appeals to you?

ZQ: It’s all about story. And we’re interested in telling challenging stories in many different mediums. Comic books are a medium that feels more ready to take risks and stand by the vision of the creators. Archaia, in particular.

BUG: Why did you choose Archaia as the company to go with in producing these comics?

ZQ: We met with a lot of really smart publishers, but it ultimately came down to going with our gut. Stephen Christy was a big part of that – he’s intensely passionate and ambitious. These are qualities that reflect the essence of Before The Door and represent the direction in which we see ourselves moving as a company.

Archaia is building up. We’re starting with them at a time of growth, and that appeals to us. Plus – they have amazing books: MOUSEGUARD, THE KILLER, ARTESIA, and others. And their great new partnerships with Henson and Rodenberry speak to that growth. Those things add up to them being the perfect publisher for us at Before The Door.

BUG: What made you want to start up your own production company with Before the Door Pictures?

ZQ: Several reasons: to create opportunities that gave me more control over my acting career, by developing my own projects, instead of waiting for them to come to me. To collaborate with people I’ve known for years, but now have the opportunity to work with on a professional level. To work with my longtime friends and producing partners – Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa. We’ll have much more to announce very soon regarding the company. We’re just getting started.

BUG: Can you tell me a little bit about MR. MURDER IS DEAD? Is it a miniseries or ongoing? Who’s the writer and artist going to be on this title?

ZQ: MR MURDER IS DEAD is amazing, and it really fits with the idea that we are dedicated to doing great stories in the right medium. All I can say is that it’s a stand-alone graphic novel that touches on hard-nosed noir and the old detective comic strips of the thirties and forties. It’s a genre-bender that really flips the classic detective story on its head. Victor Quinaz created and wrote MR MURDER IS DEAD. I’ve know Victor a long time as a friend and storyteller, and he’s definitely one to watch. It’s a great story, but has a lot more on its mind than crime. We aren't revealing our artist yet, but Chris Burnham did an awesome sneak peek cover for us that we premiered here at Comic-Con.

BUG: Tell me about LUCID. Who’s behind that one?

LUCID is a 4-issue limited series created by Michael McMillian. He’s a fantastic writer and has one of the biggest personal comic book collections I’ve ever seen (you might know him from his work as an actor – he’s currently amazing on TRUE BLOOD as the young evangelist minister). His story in LUCID is about Matthew Dee, a descendant of John Dee, who was the real Queen Elizabeth’s court magician. The story is an action-packed fantasy drawing inspiration from James Bond, Arthurian legend, and modern American mythology. It’s a real thrill ride. Artist forthcoming.

BUG: Are these comics meant to be launch pads for future films/TV series or stand alone stories?

Our goal is to make great comic books. These are our first two comic projects, and we’re excited about them living in this medium. If other things come down the road, we’re open to that, but the goal here is for us to create and foster great comics first and foremost.

BUG: What do you bring (experience wise or personally) to Before the Door and its productions?

Nearly ten years as an actor, professionally, and all the relationships that come with that. A passion for producing and creating. And Neal and Corey and I have known each other for half of our lives – so there’s an implicit trust there that goes beyond the company. Exciting work is coming.

BUG: Last chance, why should folks check out Archaia/Before the Door’s MR. MURDER IS DEAD and LUCID?

These are ideas that come from new writers to the comic world. We love these stories. You won’t be disappointed.

BUG: Thank you for taking the time to chat, Mr. Quinto.

Thank you.

Archaia/Before the Door’s books, MR.MURDER IS DEAD & LUCID, are in production right now and are coming soon to finer comic shops near you!