Hollywood Hookup: Adrian Grenier's Hairy Butt & Stinky Entourage

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Adrian Grenier doesn’t have to worry about his butt muff like the gays have to because any girl that sleeps with him is so blessed to say she was part of his entourage they don’t complain until he stops returning their calls! Deal with the hair bitch, pretend it’s Mark Wahlberg’s!

Speaking of which….we have another nasty HOLLYWOOD HOOK UP story from the forgotten playboy nights of Adrienne Grenier. We have heard that Adrian’s uncut friend mixed with the belief that a star of his stature doesn’t need to shower results in a very unpleasant hummer for the star slut that goes down on him.

Adrian’s such a ladies man he doesn’t have to shower, we know because we’ve had this danky complaint filed against him by not one of our Star Sluts…but TWO! One described it like this.

“We were kissing and stuff and then I went down like I was going to go down on him and he’s uncut just fyi, and hairy, but the worst part was the…the SMELL. It was like he hadn’t showered in days, and that’s just not polite to let a girl go down on you when YOU KNOW you didn’t take a shower and he’s uncut! So I look up at him, you know I pause, and he looks down at me with that smile he does on the show, sort of like “Suck it up”.

L&A: So what did you do? You told him it was too much right. Or you didn’t feel good?

HER: No..I …sucked it up and just held my breath. It was Adrian Grenier!!

Case in point.

Last week we were having lunch with another girlfriend and somehow we got on the topic of Entourage and she cut me off to say: "You know my girlfriend gave him a blow job and said he had the worst smelling junk in the WOOOORLD!"

Adrian can you hear us?

Take a shower and have pity on your star sluts.