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Bradley Cooper Picks Up Another Beard

Bradley Cooper moves from Renee Zellweger & Jennifer Aniston to… Denise Richards!!

I have come to a consensus (amongst my multiple personalities) that Bradley Cooper is an extremely strange dude. Once, when I was covering some aspect of the Bradley Cooper-Jennifer Aniston mini-saga that occurred after they went to dinner once, I theorized that Aniston might want to pitch a film called The First Dater. In my mind, it would have been about a woman who goes totally overboard on the first date, and gives her datea timeline involving marriage and babies that she wants to adhere to. My concept for the film has changed. Now The First Dater is about a guy who goes out on one date - and one date only - with random forty-something women, all for his own amusement. I have renamed the film The First Dater: The Bradley Cooper Story. So Bradley’s latest first date is none other then Denise RichardsNow, I love me some Denise, but I acknowledge that she’s crazy and the antithesis of grace and class. Other than that, I think she usually gets a raw deal. But coming off Bradley’s first dates with Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger… well, this is going to get ugly.

Bradley Cooper’s love life just got a whole lot more complicated. Just days after his dinner date with Renne Zellweger - and Jennifer Aniston before that - he broke bread in Beverly Hills with Denise Richards!

The cozy couple shared a table at Il Cielo for almost two hours on July 6.

“They never stopped talking,” a source tells Star. “Denise was smiling at him, giving him her undivided attention.”

And Bradley dished it back: At one point, he even leaned over to wipe some sauce off of her face with a napkin! It’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

From Star Magazine, print edition August 3 2009]

My first two theories: that they’re working together, or that he’s gay and likes the company of experienced women who love their gay men. I checked - Denise and Bradley are not working together. So that leaves… yeah. I could totally be wrong. Maybe he’s just been secretly dating Lake Bell this whole time, and he’s just been going out with Jennifer, Renee and Denise for a little publicity. Or something. Yeah, I’m still thinking gay.


This dude is in denial!

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