Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" to become live-action musical movie?

Alan Menken is considering turning Disney's Beauty and the Beast into a live-action movie musical.

"“ … I am preparing the soundtracks of two Disney animated feature: Rapunzel and The Snow Queen, in addition (to) a live-action musical film about Beauty and the Beast, plus a new (Broadway) musical that will debut in fall 2010, Leap of Faith.”

Did you catch that part in the middle there? “ … a live-action musical film about Beauty and the Beast …” ?! This concept for a new “Beauty and the Beast” movie actually dates back to Michael Eisner’s days of running the Mouse House."


Now look, I know there's going to be a remake of "My Fair Lady" (not cool, bbz, not cool) but "Beauty and the Beast" is just one of those things that should not be touched.

ETA: They're planning to remake the MOVIE version, not the BROADWAY version. I saw the Broadway version with the Original Cast and loved it. My biggest problem with this is that why take a movie that so many people love and know, and remake it?
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