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Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz FINALLY HOOKING UP??!!

OK this was way too hilarious NOT to post. Even though I'm 99% sure Leo and The Bar are still bang-a-langin, I've always loved hearing about these two getting their flirt on. Oh, and there's some extra blah blah blah about Jude Law but really, who cares about him anymore? Not me.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz get cosy on a night out in London
By 3am 21/07/2009

We do enjoy a good rom-com – and what could be better than a real-life one, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz? So imagine our delight at hearing these two Hollywood A-listers had a Titanic night on the tiles, fuelling speculation about their relationship.

Leonardo and his Gangs of New York co-star Cameron were seen getting cosy at hip London club Maddox after earlier having dinner, on Saturday night. Well, they are both footloose and fancy-free. Leo recently split with Israeli model Bar Rafaeli after two years, while Cameron has just ended a year-long relationship with Essex model Paul Sculfor, 38.

Leo, 34 – who is in the capital filming his latest movie Inception – sat next to Cameron at Maddox nightclub as she planted kisses on his cheek. At one point he was seen whispering into her ear. And while his friends hit the dancefloor, he and Cameron sat together in a private corner of the club, deep in conversation.

One fellow clubber tells us: "They were laughing a lot and very touchy-feely and they ignored everyone else. "They seemed very close and comfortable with each other’s company. "Leo was pouring her glasses of champagne."

Earlier they had dined with pals at Shoreditch House member’s club, before heading to the rooftop bar for drinks. Wearing a white top and jeans, Cameron pulled on a baseball cap as she left to try and hide her identity. From there they headed to Maddox at 12.30 before the whole party left to go back to Leo’s Knightsbridge apartment at 3am. Our spy says: "Everyone was having such a great time they didn’t want the party to end. So Leo got all his pals, including Cameron, to go back to his pad to continue drinking."

Then Cameron, 36, was out partying again on Sunday, while Leonardo stayed in to learn his lines. She went clubbing at Royal hangout Boujis where she bumped into Jude Law – her co-star in The Holiday – in the VIP area. They were seen chatting before they left via separate exits. Our source adds: "Leo wanted to go out but had a lot of work to do. He hopes to meet up with Cameron again soon. They got on very well."

Source & The Sun with another story

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