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Katherine Heigl Speaks Her Mind

Katherine graces the cover of the new August edition of In Style magazine.

On Being Honest...
"Now I've got this moniker that I'm the foot-in-mouth gal, and I keep thinking, In what way? Because I said something you don't agree with? Because I said something you don't like? I'm just telling you my opinion. I hate the idea that I can't be honest about how I feel about things because it's going to piss somebody off who feels differently. That seems preposterous to me."

On Using A Stylist...
"If it's the Emmy's or the Oscar's I need a little extra help, but I just like to do myself because I don't like all the hoopla," Heigl says. "Inevitably it's me who knows what I want. When I leave the house. I want to look in the mirror and go, 'I feel like the best version of myself in this."

On 'R' ratings...
"I know this is going to sound bad but I'm really glad [Ugly Truth is rated] R. I didn't want to do another PG-13 movie. [In any real-life contentious relationship with romantic underpinnings] you're probably going to drop the F-bomb once in a while. You're probably going to say some things that are kind of harsh. And you're definitely going to talk about sex. It doesn't have to be so Snow White and Prince Charming."

On InStyle...
"I love InStyle. I'm not a fashion trend setter on any level so I need something to inspire me," Heigl says. "I buy it all the time just to know what works for my body type and what's gonna look good now.

On Living Life Despite Tragedy...
"Here's the deal: This is what my family and I have been through [her older brother died in a car accident and her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer], and although we're not perfect, we are survivors… No one in my family ever said, 'Life's not worth living because this happened or that happened to me.' It's always worth living, and living well."

On Knowing What You Want...
"In my early 20s, I didn't know who I was or what I wanted… I was fed up with trying to be somebody else, and got really lucky and met a great guy [husband Josh Kelley] who loved me for me. I keep telling my friends, seriously, write down what you want and make it specific. Like, I'm talking, do you want a beach house in Venice? Be specific and be creative and define not only what you want in your career but what you want in your personal life.”

Source 1 & 2

I think she is one fierce bitch

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