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Details On RiRi's Upcoming "Rock-ish" Album

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At first, it is essential to know that no name is determined at the moment, so forget the rumour about “Dark Angels”, “K.A.R.M.A”, “Bad Girl Gone Good” etc. Rihanna has chosen the name of the album a few weeks ago, but want to keep it as a secret until the last moment, to avoid any leak.

Numerous artists are collaborating on this album, which will be very certainly an enormous success and will make the return of Rihanna an inevitable come-back worldwide.

Among the army of co-workers, we shall quote for example the famous leader of the group One Republic, Ryan Tedder, who composed two songs for Rihanna, among one completely played by a piano, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Soulja Boy, Shontelle, Jay-Z, Pharell Williams, and many others…

At this stage, we shall speak about no more “global tubes”, but about songs which should “mark the spirits forever”, to quote Def Jam.

Rihanna has never been so selective and perfectionist in the choice of songs and in their interpretation. She participates actively in the writing of the lyrics and in the selection of the instrumental atmospheres.

The album will be more rock’n'roll than the previous, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, and a bit more pop, but will keep the R&B.

It is evident that Rihanna wishes to be recognized as being a mature woman who imposes, at the same time that she shows her own musical style and her own originality. Rihanna likes her image of trendsetter and now wishes to use it in her songs.

The album will be full of musical styles and will mark a change of 180° for Rihanna and her fans, who will not be disappointed with the result.

Several duets should appear on the album. By “some”, we hear (understand) two or three. At the moment nobody has recorded, with the exception of those with the singer Chris Brown, which were cancelled and will not appear on the album.

In brief, this album will be the best of Rihanna and certainly the best of all the league of the artists produced by DEF Jam.

We don’t know how true this is. Geoffrey, the fansite webmaster, told us that these info came from Peter and Jef, who are part of the Def Jam staff.


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