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Harry Potter NYC Premiere!

I went to the Harry Potter Premiere Thursday and got a ~VIP~ spot in the front of the theatre. I figured some people might like to see the pictures/read a fan account.

OK, so basically we showed up to the premiere at 11. My boyfriend Frank's uncle is a cop and said he was going to try and get us a good spot/into the theatre if he could but he couldn't promise us anything and he wasn't going to know until 5:00. I didn't want to risk not getting a spot so we got there mad early. Of course tons of people were already there.

some ladies doing Tom Felton trivia

rolling out the red carpet

some girl with a Luna Lovegood hat getting interviewed by Fox


the whole crowd thought this was Ryan Seacrest and was chanting for him. it wasn't.

Melissa Anelli from The Leaky Cauldron site

Emerson Spartz from Mugglenet.

Frank's uncle finally showed up and pulles us away from the crowd and put us right by the door of the theatre next to the press line. So this is everyone from across the street.

the press/red carpet

it was crazy how many people showed up

Dumbledore totally shunned everyone. He just ran inside without even waving. WHATEVER.

Emma signing autographs (I have better pictures later lol)

Chevy Chase...he just kinda waved and ran inside.

Kelsey Grammer! I was so excited cause I loooove Frasier. Standing next to me was some guy in the military. He was being deployed in 3 days and he loves Harry Potter so they managed to get him a ticket and everything. He was honestly so sweet and was super excited to meet everyone. It was really convenient cause every time a celeb saw him they were basically obligated stop and talk to him. Kelsey was very nice and chatted with him.

Michelle! She is gorgeous in real life and was super sweet to him also.

Lance Bass .. he didn't stop to sign/talk to anyone.


He stopped to sign for the soldier. We were all yelling at him to talk but he just kept smiling and shaking his head. He didn't say one word lol. I just wanted to hear his voice irl. :(

Denis Leary! He was legitimately the nicest person who was there. He stopped and signed stuff for everyone/took pictures with everyone.

Me and Dennis lol and I look horrible so excuse mee.

Ashanti was kind of a bitch. The soldier asked for her autograph and she just kind of fake smiled and was like "no sorry" and walked in.

her rejection. I know she had the kids but it would have taken like 20 seconds. edit: apparently they aren't her kids. sorry!


She was nice and literally signed every person's stuff in my area.

Tom Felton. He just rushed in...but we got a wave.

idk what's up with her arm.

they were fixing her hair and makeup and she seemed really flustered.

She is stunning in real life.

the only pathetic picture of Dan I got lol but I have a ton of them from Equus so it's alright. He was apologizing like crazy but security was pushing him inside.

RUPERT! He was so cute and sweet.


So than Frank's uncle's friend was like "OK, I can walk you guys past two security checkpoints but after that you're on your own. If you can blend into the crowd and get in, awesome! And if not you'll just have to leave." So we're like uh alright, and we walk in and we are the last people brought in and the doors close and I look and I'm standing right next to Emma. So I meet up with the soldier from outside and Emma stops and is talking to mostly him, but since I was with him I like to pretend she was talking to us both. She signs his poster and says how sorry she is she didn't stop for anyone before but they were forcing her to go inside. She was just so cute and idk I've loved her since I was 11 years old so I was thrilled to see her in a more "private" environment. So of course, right after, they asked us for tickets, we were like "we dont have any, the security guard let us in" and we had to leave cause there weren't enough seats. Sorry this is obscenely long-winded, but I am still really excited!

Source: myself and pictures taken by Frank Albergo
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