Uluviel (uluviel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ZQ, CFine and John Cho have coffee together; paps fail to capture it.

Two sets of pictures:

- On Thursday, Zach was seen riding his bike down Silver Lake Blvd after meeting up with his Star Trek costars Chris Pine and John Cho.

- Chris Pine dodges cars by running across a busy intersection after he was spotted grabbing coffee with Star Trek costars Zachary Quinto and John Cho (not pictured) at a local coffee shop in Silver Lake, CA

Click on pics for larger.

No pictures of them together? FAIL, paps. FAIL.

Sources: Just Jared for the Zach blurb, Zach Quinto Net for the Zach photos, The Chris Pine Network (they requested no linking) for the Chris blurb & photos.
Tags: star trek

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