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Heidi Klum gets ready for Project Runway

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An expectant Heidi Klum was spotted on her way to Project Runway on Friday (July 10). Without an ounce of makeup, Heidi looked beautiful
as she walked to her waiting car, before being driven to the set of her TV show Project Runway in New York City.

During her appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday (pictured below in short skirt), the 36-year-old supermodel commented on her quick pregnancies:

“It always felt fast. Before you think, ‘Oh, nine months…It seems like forever.’ But, you know, the first four months you don’t really feel it if you don’t have morning sickness and all these things.” The German supermodel went on to say, “I’ve been very fortunate, I never really had any of these things. All of a sudden, the stomach comes and [then] you have to think about what you’re going to wear and … [that's when] it kind of starts.”

Heidi and her husband Seal are expecting their fourth child, a girl, in October. Their new daughter will join big siblings Leni, 5, Henry, 3 ½, and Johan, 2 ½.
Photos: Splash

She even looks good without make-up.
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