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Nothing's a Sure Thing, Shelly

MJ Tribute / Gathering at the O2

I am no whiz with this kind of stuff. No fancy pics or gifs, but I wanted to get the word out.

“Come and join us for a huge party to celebrate the life of the one and only Michael Jackson.

The gathering will be at the O2 on July 13th, this would have been Michael’s opening night. Please come and join us in this tribute.

Further details can be found on the Facebook group *Mass Vigil* Michael Jackson - in your honour.

With your support, this will be an amazing night and one you will not want to miss.”

I will be going to this with a few other people I have never met (lol no one I know will go with me) and any ONTD'ers in the London area are more than welcome to attend! If you want to meet up with me, PM me and I will give you details, or just meet me at King's Cross station at 3:30 and shout 'Shamone!'

Details at the source, but basically thousands of people are meeting up to mourn an celebrate. They will be showing pics and videos and they will have two giant boards similar to the ones at the memorial for people to write stuff on. There is also going to be a dance party, I believe.


Mods, if this isn't acceptable, please tell me what to fix. I am no good with the internetz but I love MJ.
Tags: michael jackson / jackson family

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