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Italian Vanity fair honors Michael Jackson

the article is pretty long, but if anything interests you in particoular I'll translate.

Here's a highlight from what Nicoletta Mantovani, Pavarotti's widow, had to say:

(my own translation, sorry for any possible mistake)

We had to go to his home in New York and it was the first time we were going to meet him. What I knew about him is what you read on the mags: manias, masks on the face, and his terror for germs. I had told Luciano, who was always extroverted and outgoing, that most probably Micharl Jackson wouldn't have liked his strong handshakes, pats on the back or hugs he gave so freely; I told him not to be disappointed if Jackson would keep us at a distance, surrounded by bodyguards. "He's a special guy" I said. Michael opened the door wearing a white t shirt and jeans, he was alone, and immediately he came towards Luciano. He sat on the sofa in between us two and started talking with the ingeniutiy of a child. After a few minutes Luciano looked me from under his glasses and, in his native dialect, told me: "What kind of story did you tell me?"

Source me&my epson scanner
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