William "Will Mega" Collins

THEN: Will Mega's constant need to create conflict got him booted first from the house.
SINCE THEN: In 2002, he welcomed his son Kasai into the world. In 2003, William ran for a position on Philadelphia's City Council under the Education Party. Fortunately for the citizens of Philadelphia, he lost. Now, he's working on a memoir he started way back in 2000 and is apparently almost completed. According to him, his book will "cover areas such as race, religion, relationships, activism, politics, entertainment, Hollywood, and of course reality TV." Good luck with that, Will.
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Jean Jordan

THEN: Second to be banished from the house was Jordan, the controversial "exotic dancer" who, like Will Mega, had no problem making things uncomfortable for the other houseguests.
SINCE THEN: Right after getting banished from the Big Brother house, Jordan did a few small stints in the media - David Letterman, a radio show, etc. Shortly after that, she seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth, as there is almost NO information out there. Apparently she became a personal for a while, then went back to stripping in 2005. She currently lives in Chicago.
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Karen Fowler

THEN: Karen took a lot of heat from the public and media for airing her family's "dirty laundry" on national television. She was banished third from the house due to her frequent breakdowns about missing her kids.
SINCE THEN: I couldn't find much on Karen, either. Apparently, her work with a producing company is so "OMGZ TOP SECRET!!!!11!!1one!" that she had to completely step out of the media spotlight for it.
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Brittany Petros

THEN: The lovable, twenty-six-year-old virgin and creator of "the love bed" was the fourth houseguest to be banished from the house after fellow houseguest George's family rallied to get her banished.
SINCE THEN: Since the show, Brittany's done a lot of work in the entertainment field. She played Denise, a recurring guest character, on the soap opera Days of Our Lives in 2003 and had guest appearances on a few other really obscure television shows and movies. She has since switched to working behind the scenes; her most recent work was in the Disney movie "G-Force", which is supposedly coming out soon.
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Cassandra Waldon

THEN: The classiest person to ever live in the Big Brother house was banished six.
SINCE THEN: Cassandra continues to work for the United Nations. She is now Chief of External Communications at the United Nations Development Program and does a lot of lectures and other work revolving around Africa and poverty.
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George "Chicken George" Boswell

THEN: The roofer from Rockford, Illinois won the hearts of many as he took on odd personalities, the most well-known one being Chicken George. He was the seventh houseguest to be banished.
SINCE THEN: After Big Brother, George gave up his roofing business to get a career in public performance. He answered questions from fans and also helped fly banners over the Big Brother 2 house. After that, he performed some sketch comedy for a while after taking comedy classes at Chicago's Improv Olympics. He then took part in a couple television shows - one a documentary that followed ex-reality stars and another that was a game show. THEN he moved to Las Vegas to work at casinos, which was where he received a call from Big Brother producers asking him to appear on Big Brother 7: All Stars... which he did. After, his mid-life crisis ended and he settled back down in Rockford and went into hotel promotions.
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Jamie Kern

THEN: This beauty queen was the last woman to be banished from the house. She acquired the nickname "Hollywood" from her housemates, after expressing her desire to one day be an actress.
SINCE THEN: Jamie tried her luck in Hollywood, but after appearing only in obscure movies, she ended up going back to school once again to earn an MBA from Columbia Business School. In 2006, she got a job in Portland as a reporter for KPTV, traveling even to the Vatican city to report on Pope John Paul II's death. Not long after, she left KPTV to start a cosmetics business - It Cosmetics - that she is now the CEO of.
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Curtis Kin

THEN: Curtis, the lovable Stanford grad with the funny laugh, was second runner up.
SINCE THEN: Curtis moved from New York City to California, where he is Assistant United States Attorney of the Domestic Security and Immigration Crimes Section. Rumor also has it that he is married.
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Josh Souza

THEN: Josh won the hearts of pre-teen girls everywhere the second he appeared on Big Brother. He had a "kind of" relationship with Brittany, but found himself attracted to Jamie, which caused quite a bit of drama in the house. He also once saved Chiquita, the houseguests' dog, when she fell into the pool. What a hero!
SINCE THEN: Apparently, Sloshie is the CEO of Titanium X Global Properties. His bio on the company's website lists him as doing a bunch of other stuff in the business, and I can come to no other conclusion than that he is now surely filthy rich.

Eddie McGee

THEN: Winner Eddie McGee was known for being quite outspoke in the house. The wheelchair basketball player didn't take shit from anybody and somehow managed to maintain his total coolness surrounded by all kinds of fuckery in the house.
SINCE THEN: Eddie has gotten quite comfortable in the entertainment industry. He was in a film "The Angel" which won Best Film at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival of 2007. He has also had roles in television shows like Guiding Light, Law & Order, and most recently, Desperate Housewives. He is now the CEO of Tripod Productions, Inc.
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