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Dolly Parton Post

Dolly Parton writes her first children's book

Dolly Parton created a charity 13 years ago to provide books to children and encourage literacy. Now her first children's book, "I Am a Rainbow" will be featured in the philanthropy. The 63-year-old Parton says working on projects for children gives her a chance to play and live a second childhood. The book she wrote describes how colors can be used to explain emotions children have. Parton had no say in the book's selection for her charity, Imagination Library. A committee of teachers, child development experts and parents picks the books supplied to 1,000 communities in 47 states, the United Kingdom and Canada.
Proceeds from the sale of Parton's book will benefit the charity.

Royal Mail Delivers Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to Children in the Remotest Inhabited Place on Earth

Royal Mail has made a very special delivery on behalf of music legend Dolly Parton, by delivering her Imagination Library to children in the remotest inhabited place on earth, Tristan da Cuhna.

The very special delivery of books to the UK's most remote dependent territory follows the Imagination Library's launch in the UK in December 2007. Thousands of children across the UK are now part of the Imagination Library, an educational programme for pre-school children which delivers an age-appropriate book to participating childrens' homes every month, from the month they are born until they reach the age of five.

Since Dolly launched the library in the UK, the Imagination Library has been adopted by communities across the UK, with children in White City, London most recently joining the scheme. Its role out in the UK builds on its success in the US and Canada - the Imagination Library now distributes over six million books per year to over 500,000 children on both sides of the Atlantic, in addition to the 13 children on Tristan da Cuhna living in the heart of it.

Dolly Parton explained: It's my dream that every child has a library of books which their parents can read to them from the moment they are born. Children in the UK are already receiving books from the Imagination Library so I'm delighted that they will now be reaching kids in such a remote place like Tristan da Cuhna.

"I would love to see every single child have the opportunity to be a part of the programme. I know that's a big dream, but you know, I have always been a mighty big dreamer."

this woman is my goddess. mods, I check to see if any of this was posted, but I didn't find anything recent.
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