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Taylor and Ally from 'NYC Prep' post riveting blogs; I continue to hate myself for watching


Did you enjoy the third episode? The first thing I want to put out there is that when ever I talk about money and choosing a guy based on money I’m completely and totally joking. Money doesn’t affect my view on anybody and doesn’t make me like any one person more than another. Yeah right bitch, I was watchin'

Other than that I thought this episode was pretty funny, my favorite part was PC and his friend in Mexico. PC is just a very entertaining person. I don’t think Jessie was going too hard when she checked up on him. She was just trying to be a good friend.

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. I felt bad that Kelli’s dog died. I thought Camille’s ginger bread house was pretty good. And I promise I’m better at gymnastics than what you saw on the show, they showed pretty bad moments of me during my floor routine.
It was pretty cute that Cole surprised me at my gymnastics competition, I told you guys last week that he’s a really cool person. Watch next week’s episode!


Taylor Paige



So my July 4th was so amazing. With my ”entourage” haha. The whole family stayed with us, yes, including Gloria J. Micah Jesse, Bouna, and Jaslene Gonsalez were so much fun. I’m sure you read about it if you’ve been following me on and

SO. This week’s episode, and all of the other ones, should be called “The PC Show” because he is the only character whom they are really focusing on. (OMG JELIZ)

And the, “love triangle” or “square,” or whatever that thing that’s going on between some of the “mates” is, is just too strange and confusing for me to pay attention to.

I Don’t think Texans will be too happy about what PC said about them though. Again, at least at the end of the day he can stick to his guns.

Camille’s stylist was harsh to say the least, but what did she expect when inviting her in her closet to “throw her clothes into the garbage?” I always give my old clothes first to my friends, just in case we can swap clothing, or to the needy. And, the stylist said something along the lines of “this is so last season.” If you go through every Harper’s Bazaar and look at the “What’s In, What’s out” section, I assure you what’s in now was what was out last year, and vice versa. So If you have something that you dislike for the time being, that doesn’t mean you still wont like it in a few months. Just put it in a box and wait for the right time to pull it out again.

PC and Jessie.I think that Jessie and PC can just be friends. They have already been through a relationship together and for some reason it didn’t work out, so if they were to rekindle the flame, they would fall right back to where they are now, “just friends” with lot of history. Anyway, that’s all for now

Have a great week!

Xo Ally
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