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JoJo Album Still on Hold

A worn out and clearly distressed JoJo has yet again taken to her MySpace page to vent over the delayed release her long overdue third album "All I Want Is Everything".

"As much as I want to curl up into a ball and sleep for 18 hours a day, I must not." wrote the singer "As much as I want to eat junk food and watch tv and cry, I can't!!! I must not let seemingly impossible situations dictate my happiness or my life plan.

I hate to speak so vaguely, but I fear for legal reasons that I must. I am TRULY sick and tired of putting my life on hold for people and things that are consumed in other battles and agendas. Ooooohhhh I wanna say soooooo many curse words right now but I know my mom will be very upset if I do"

The 19-year-old then went on to reveal that she's had to put other projects, as well as her own life, on hold as she waits for her album to be released.

"I have held off on film and television opportunities and am planning on postponing other aspects of my life??!?!???? Uh-uh. I think not. I cannot give people who are not living my life the power to govern it. I am exasperated and sooooooo saddened by the non-progress I have been experiencing. I wish I could speak more candidly, but I would hate to mess up any future relationships or opportunities. I have been hopeful and optimistic for so long, but my flame of hope is definetly extinguishing..."

Sometimes I just like to vent on my blog. It really helps to hear your positive feedback!Thankfully I'm headed to the west coast on wednesday to get my grind-cap on and work extra hard to metaphorically punch people in the nose!! Lol... Not quite sure what that means yet. But what I do know is that while music seems to be temporarily on hold, best believe I will not be twiddling my thumbs :) gahhhhhhh it gets super frustrating sometimes especially when I see others excelling and getting to do what I also love. But then I remind myself that I'm only 18 and that I'm lucky to be so young! I still have my life ahead of me.
Thanks for listening,

This isn't the first time that JoJo has previously admitted her frustration over label politics in public, leaving a Vlog early last month demanding answers and action from her label Blackground who were waiting to get a distribution deal on her already finished album. "All I Want Is Everything" is set to feature a more urban sound than the singers previous efforts, with production from Chad Hugo, Kenna, DJ Toomp, Toby Gad, Danja, J.R. Rotem, The Underdogs, Madd Scientist, and B-Cox.

i love this song, so here it is. just for you.

i am genuinely upset that this is happening.  i think jojo is amazing. i really like her first cd, love her second one, and every cover that's leaked seems to be as good, if not better, than the original.  the production on the new album looks amazing.  PLEASE RELEASE THIS CD, BLACKGROUND!  and do it justice!  not like The High Road

Link to her Blog:

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