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The Last Season of 'Lost': 'Anything goes.'

As Lost fans are keenly aware, exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof usually remain in "radio silence" (their term) after the conclusion of every season until their annual summit meeting with thousands of geeked-up loyalists at Comic-Con each July in San Diego. However, in advance of this year's much anticipated appearance (slated for the morning of July 25, according to insiders), Cuse and Lindelof have been giving interviews to press over in England while they attend a salute to Lost at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Not that they are saying much: in an interview with Digital Spy, the producers declined to answer questions about the season 5 finale (specifically: is Juliet really dead?) and wouldn't comment on their last season vision. But when asked what seems to be the burning question of the moment--will we be seeing departed characters like Boone, Shannon and Charlie make return appearances next year?--Lindelof teased that they do hope to give many fan favorites some sort of "curtain call." How might Lost accomplish that creative feat, given most of these departed folks are, like, dead? TBD, though Lindelof does remind us that Lost was figuratively time traveling (see: flashbacks and flash-forwards) long before it was literally time traveling (see: season 5). Then again, when it comes to Season Six, Lindelof tells Digital Spy, "anything goes." (You can also view the entire video interview at,. though be warned: the clip is housed in the site's spoiler section, despite not being overly spoilery.)

There's been other Lost news recently, too. Last week, word got out that there will be 18 hours next season instead of the planned 17. The extra 60 minutes will be used to mount a two-hour season premiere. Also, ABC and the producers are asking fans to write and record their own "mock theme song" for Lost. Now this is a challenge that just may inspire me to pick up the guitar that my wife and kids gave me for Father's Day, despite my total lack of six-string experience. But it's never too late to learn. And as it happens, I work with a pretty aces guitar player: none other than "Totally Lost" co-host Dan Snierson. Maybe he can give me some pointers. Maybe we can write our own Lost mock theme song! And maybe we could even perform it... at our own "Totally Lost" panel at Comic-Con! Yes, you read that right: we're doing the panel thing. And if you're going to Comic-Con, we hope you'll come! I'll have some more details for you the week of July 20. Until then, send me your questions, theories, and funny pictures to am answering email this summer!


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