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The Living Things to play the Ramones in The Runaways

In the upcoming biopic of legendary lady rockers the Runaways, Missouri rock family the Living Things get to play the Ramones, thanks to a little family help. "Lillian's wife, Floria [Sigismondi] is directing the film," bassist Eve Berlin tells Spinner of his brother -- and Living Things frontman -- Lillian Berlin and his sister-in-law. "She asked us if we wanted to be in the Ramones in a scene that takes place at Rodney Bingenheimer's English disco."

Like true actors, the band made sure to do their research and knew exactly what the key is to channeling the legendary Queens punks: "Pretending like you don't give a s--- about you're wearing, even though you know Johnny Ramone obsessed over their image," Berlin says. So did the band base that on actually seeing the Ramones live? "Unfortunately not," Berlin says. "So thanks to the Internet witch doctors for inventing YouTube."

Still, any band that pretends to be punk rock royalty has to feel some pressure, right? "Nah," Berlin says, noting his favorite songs are 'We're a Happy Family' and 'Commando.' "It's a bit like Halloween." Well, then how does he feel about the focus of the movie and working with Joan Jett? "The Runaways music rules!" he says, simply. "All hail the Runaways!"

The movie, starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, is currently filming and should hit theaters next year.

Rodney's English Disco & The Runaways: In 1989 former Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie wrote of her experiences at the club, "Marie likes Bowie, but she doesn't go all out-not as much as I do. I'm dressed up as wild as can be-I've practiced at Rodney’s. I am a glitter queen: satin pants, silver five-inch-high space boots, a glitter T-shirt, and make-up so bright it looks like I’m radioactive - When I'm done I admire myself in the cracked bathroom mirror. I look like an alien princess from a faraway planet. For a while-for tonight- I am no longer Cherrie Currie, the sweet little Valley Girl. I am the Cherie-thing; something weird and something wild."

The club had its dark side, however. In 1999 writer Lisa Fancher wrote how Joan Jett "was walking up to Rodney’s one Friday night when she saw a dead body out front, an obvious OD, and nobody was paying any attention at all. The kids just kept walking into the club. The Sweet was flooding out the door and everybody just kept on dancing...
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