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James Dean: 54 years after his horrible death, he continues to rake in the bucks

It was just 1,734 days from James Dean’s first on-screen appearance to his death. Fast life, faster death.

This September 30 marks the 54th anniversary of the icon’s death, at age 24, in a car crash. So what better way than to crash out a two-disc collector’s set, James Dean: The Fast Lane (Infinity Entertainment Group).
The two-time Academy Award-nominated actor’s enduring fame and popularity rests on just three roles as leading man (only one of which was released prior to his death), but the brooding Dean–the personification of restless mid-’50s American youth –also appeared in four other films and on popular television shows of the era.
Although his life abruptly ended decades ago, Dean remains one of the world’s most beloved and celebrated Hollywood icons.

And one of the most profitable.Dean’s licensed image and name brings in million$ of bucks each year. So why stop now?

James Dean: The Fast Lane is an unprecedented and comprehensive look at the little-known aspects of the legendary star’s spectacularly brief career. Includes rarely seen footage of his on-air debut at just 19 years old,   a 1950 commercial for Pepsi, as well as his final work, ironically a 1955 highway safety PSA filmed with Gig Young during the making of Giant, just 13 days before he died behind the wheel of his Porsche 550 Spyder.  “The lives you might save might be mine,” he quips.

The set also includes 10 television appearances (1951-54) including episodes of Armstrong’s Circle Theatre, Campbell Soundstage, Family Theater, General Electric Theater, Kraft Television Theater, Tales of Tomorrow and Westinghouse Studio One; movie trailers from Fixed Bayonets (1951), Has Anyone Seen My Gal (1952), Rebel Without a Cause (1955), East of Eden (1955) and Giant (1956) and The James Dean Story (1957), the full-length biographical film by six-time Academy Award-winning director Robert Altman,, which includes personal interviews with Dean’s family and friends.

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