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Joan Rivers blasts Michael Jackson

oan Rivers tells TV Guide Magazine she is perplexed by the international mourning over Michael Jackson. "They're all forgetting" [the true Michael Jackson]," says Rivers. "Let me tell you about Michael Jackson. I think he was brilliant in his music, but let's not forget he was a very strange man. A druggie. I just don't understand what's going on here."

Rivers recalls a strange encounter with the pop star several years ago. "He walked into a store one July 4 in London on Portobello Road wearing a ski mask. I put my hands up. I said, 'Oh my God—we're being robbed,' and someone said, 'No—thank God. It's just Michael Jackson.'"

Rivers believes it's never too soon to make jokes about the dead. "Look at the jokes on The Internet," she says—offering a few of her favorites that mock his suspected molestation of children:

"The only person who's celebrating is Cher because she can let her boyfriend go out alone again."

"God said to Farrah Fawcett, 'What's your wish?' And she said, 'I wish all the little children of the world would be safe—so He killed Michael Jackson.'"

Rivers believes "the tragedy of Michael Jackson" is fulfilling a need for the American people. "This country is so desperate for a hero or a heroine," she says. As for potential backlash from her critical comments, Rivers says, "I don't care. I do what I think is right. I say exactly what I'm thinking at the moment. If it's right for me, I go right at it."

The recent Celebrity Apprentice winner will be the target of Comedy Central's Roast of Joan Rivers (hosted by Kathy Griffin) on August 9 and can be seen hosting TV Land's How'd You Get So Rich? beginning Aug. 12.


I like Joan but this was TACKY.

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