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Preview for next week's episode of Secret Life and review of 7/07 episode

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It was time for Marshall Bowman's funeral on this week's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Grace would not be attending, at least, that's what she told Jack at the start of the episode. You and I knew better, didn't we? Why did Grace not want to attend? As she herself stated, Grace has begun to hate herself for what happened to her father. She blames herself, so that statement wasn't surprising, but it would also (obviously) be a wrong decision long-term for her not to be at her own father's funeral. Thankfully, Ricky talked her out of the car and into attending.

For the past few weeks I've found myself agreeing with Adrian all too much, that changed tonight. She was wrong, completely wrong about Grace not having to go to the funeral if she didn't want to. Haven't we all heard of closure? No, the funeral wasn't going to provide closure for Grace, but if she didn't go to the funeral she'd never find closure. Okay, so Adrian was having a hard time getting blamed for Marshall's death, but her way of "helping" Grace wasn't so much helping as hurting and she ought to have stayed quiet.
Speaking of staying quiet, what was up with Jack's dad talking to Grace tonight? That guy is the funniest character on the show, and while his talking to Grace was almost certainly helpful, he definitely has a problem giving a little too much information. I do think though that he got through to her, but I don't think he needed to discuss such in such detail the pros and cons of having sex.

I was really happy to see that Amy had the same reaction to Ricky taking John to the nursery that she had last week to Ben's watching John. Clearly Amy's issues are about leaving John in general, not leaving John with Ben. As anyone with a baby will tell you, the way Amy feels about that is completely and totally understandable, irrational, but completely normal.

As for Anne and George, I feel like a little kid who can't accept that his parents are getting divorced. It definitely looked tonight like George and Anne are headed that way, but I'm still hoping against hope that they're not going to. I know, I know, there are some things I need to learn to accept in life, but this isn't like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, this is TV, they're not necessarily getting divorced. Tell me they're not… please.

Come on now, Anne had that fight with David this week, so that relationship isn't going particularly well. David seemed all over-protective in cancelling the meeting and asking about the doctor's appointment. That's just the sort of opening George could exploit if he wanted to. Please George, don't let this family fall apart!
Odds and ends:
  • Jack blaming Adrian for Grace being angry at him and maybe for killing Marshall? That came out of left field (Jack is angry, but I didn't think he bought into Grace causing her dad's death).
  • Ben's figuring that maybe he could sleep with Adrian because he comforted her (and he totally though that) – awesome.
  • Also awesome (in a macabre, you're going to think I'm wrong way) – Joe taking bets about whether or not Grace was going to attend the funeral.
  • We're not talking about Amy trying to get out of work today in order to go to a funeral. Of course she wants to go out and have fun sometimes, but she has people who want to babysit and so she could go out sometimes. Trying to get out of work to go to a funeral to socialize obviously wasn't appropriate.
  • See, I knew Jack was drinking.
  • As a complete aside – where do these people live that they have a lovely little local butcher shop? What's next door, the drug store with the old-time soda fountain

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