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Britney Spears has put ex-hubby Kevin Federline on a diet because he’s gorged no so much fatty food, he’s gained a whopping 85 pounds.

The 5-foot-10 former backup dancer weighed just 150 pounds when he married the singer in 2004. Now he tips the scales at about 235 pounds.

Back when they were married, Kevin used to chide Britney about her weight, but now the dinner table has turned. These days, it is Britney who is making the jokes - calling him K-Fatter-line and other names.

“She’ll ask him, ‘When is the baby due?’” revealed a source.

Kevin, who cares for their two boys, isn’t working and rarely exercises - which infuriates the sexy entertainer. “Britney called him ‘a fat housewife,’ and he just laughed, said the source. “He says he’s gained weight because he is happy and content, but Britney says he is just fat and lazy…

“Britney insisted he go on a diet and stop showing their kids it’s OK to be fat and sloppy,” said the source…

“Kevin was more than irritated by Britney’s diet demand, but he’s going along with it for now…

“Kevin says he doesn’t have to worry about his looks,” said the source, “because women still love him.”

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