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Jennette Mccurdy got signed!

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Hey friends!

This is my first blog as a 17 year old. Wow. It feels…. exactly the same as it did before…. but better. Yeah, better. Why? Cuz this is gonna be a really good blog! WHY is it gonna be a really good blog? Because I have this OVERWHELMINGLY EXCITING NEWS TO TELL YOU!!!

CAPITOL RECORDS NASHVILLE HAS SIGNED ME TO A RECORD DEAL!!!!! I am in the Capitol Family along with such unbelievable greats as Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, and Trace Adkins - to name a few. These are artists I BOW DOWN TO! I am honored, ecstatic, elated, and overwhelmed with joy! Capitol’s expertise in country music will allow me the opportunity to give you guys the best I have to give in songwriting, singing, and performing. For those of you waiting for my album, this fantastic news will present a slight delay in that release - but I promise you, I will give you everything I have to make this album something you love and remember. I will now be able to take you all along on this wonderful ride and I hope you enjoy seeing the step-by-step process of the making of my record. Thank you for your support and encouragement through my endeavors. It means so much to me when you enjoy and appreciate my work. It is what I get to share and experience with you all. And what an experience it is. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!

I really want to thank all of you for your kindness and warmth in remembering me on my birthday! I’ve watched many wonderful YouTube videos you’ve put together, and I’ve also read poems and seen so many awesome fanmail letters. I am amazed at your support, generosity, time, energy, effort, and skill! You are all so talented and clever in thinking of ways to show someone you care.

I’m excited and pleased to say that iCarly was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Best Comedy and I was individually nominated as well. If you get the chance (and if you’re so inclined) please vote! You can vote at:

Amidst all my birthday excitement, joy, and thrill, I discovered the tragic news of the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson, on June 25th. My heart truly goes out to his family, his children, his close friends, and his loyal fans. As far back as I can remember, I recall my brothers attempting to mimick his dance moves and sing his songs. I would listen to his songs in the car on the way to auditions and marvel at his versatile sounds, lyrics, and styles. And of course, we’ve all attempted at some time or another to do that moonwalk, or that leg snap, or that effortless super-spin, or that gravity-defying lean. I emphasize the word “attempt” because, even at our greatest, none of us could ever compare to the precision and excellence of Michael Jackson. He is simply fascinating. We can’t reach his greatness, but somehow, he pulls us into his world when we watch him - and when we’re in Michael Jackson’s world, though we’re not Michael Jackson, we are standing taller, stronger, and more confidently than we ever could in our own. He will forever be missed, and though he’s not here with us physically, his legacy - and his world - remains.

Much love,

~ Jennette :)

p.s Miranda Cosgrove is signed to Columbia records.

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