caligula would have blushed (likeaglass) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
caligula would have blushed

Now you, too, can feel like a creeper!

Thanks to this post, you can finally know how much LaQueento's monthly mortgage is! Isn't that exciting?

Despite the worldwide success of his blockbuster movie Star Trek, Zachary Quinto still lives in this $870 500 home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on 1505 square feet. Built in 1948, the house sits on a 0.15 acre lot. It’s currently undergoing major renovation.

Thank God his house is under renovation, I thought he just had a random port-a-potty out front for illicit gloryhole action.

According to real estate figures, Quinto’s monthly mortgage is $3939, while his annual property tax is $3,772. Mere chump change for a big screen and small screen star!

Yes, that's right. LaQueento lives in a really ugly house that is still worth more than yours. Whatever, at least his boyfran has a huge package.

And no, Holly, this doesn't mean you can stalk LaQueento and BB Fine! Stick to your scrapbooking!

Tags: celebrity real estate
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