Giselle (carnillvious) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Aww I love Jackie Chan.

On July 3rd, Jackie brought four of his New Seven Little Fortunes to an interview in China promoting the film Looking for Jackie. He spoke to the host about his commitment to young people and discussed his reasons for participating in the film: to help promote Chinese culture to a generation of children who, he says, are forgetting their own roots and history. He has a strong desire to help the children of China remember where they came from and to encourage them to preserve their culture. Jackie agreed to help promote the movie and has taken no fees for any of his work on this film.

Last year Jackie hosted a competition in China with the idea of finding new talent. The competition, called "The Disciple" drew a huge response from all over the world and was tremendously popular in China. After the competition ended, Jackie stayed true to his word and in the past year has supported the winners and runners-up by having them accompany him on charity trips, press events, concerts, and film sets. Having them participate in the promotion of Looking for Jackie is another way to teach them by example. Rather than give lectures, Jackie has chosen to immerse them in the entertainment industry and let them learn naturally by observation.

This post is brought to you by yummy Jackie Chan.

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