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Here are the facts: Fact 1.) Street Carnage posted the following video of David Cross praising a comic performer named Nigel Norris…

Fact 2.) A quick Google search (a.k.a journalism) reveals that the most famous Nigel Norris is a Dr. Nigel Norris, a professor at the University of East Anglia. While anyone who studies the "history, theory and practice of evaluation, professional education and training and higher education," probably has a killer sense of humor, I somehow doubt this is our man. But don't worry, we'll solve this mystery yet!

Click after the jump to continue getting the facts.

Fact 3.) At the end of the YouTube video, The Strange Life of Nigel Norris is announced as coming soon. The YouTube video description states, "Nigel Norris was possibly the greatest British comedian of all time but nobody outside of the industry has heard of him. Why? Find out July 3rd."

Fact 4.) The video is connected to Last Pictures, which were responsible for the amazing music video for Nyle's Let the Beat Build. They are also closely connected to Gavin McInnes, who writes for Street Carnage. David Cross also contributes to Street Carnage, so their connection to this David Cross related mystery has thus been thoroughly explained, but the mystery of Nigel Morris's identity remains elusive.

So what exactly is the deal with this video? Clearly this is a trailer for an upcoming video, and this was all a form of viral marketing. They were trying to trick naive bloggers into thinking this might be a real documentary, so they would Google all over the internet (a.k.a journalism) in hopes of finding something, only to come up empty. When they realized they've wasted more than twenty minutes, they would be forced to post their findings (which were pretty obvious at first glance), therefore resulting in free advertising.

At least I didn't fall into that trap! Mystery solved! Now time to solve the mystery of "Why am I still in my underwear when it's already mid-afternoon?" To the Mystery Machine, Scooby Doo!

and youtube

I LOVE THEM even if they're not actually together in this... and I'm not sure this is that funny but whatever....
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