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Michael Jackson to be buried twice.

MICHAEL Jackson will be buried twice – just like his hero Elvis Presley.

The King of Pop’s family want Jacko to rest in the grounds of his beloved Neverland ranch in California, and with him in his coffin will be a solitary diamond-studded glove.

But it could take a month or more to get legal consent for the use of the private land for a burial.

So, in another bizarre twist to the Jacko story, he will be transported from Neverland to a temporary grave in a Los Angeles cemetry on Sunday.

There he will rest in secret until the legal wrangle is sorted out. But when that happens he will be dug up and brought to Neverland.

There his final resting place will be a private spot near a lake.

The same thing happened to Elvis. The King died aged 42 on August 16, 1977, and was entombed two days later at Forest Hill Cemetery three miles north of his Graceland home.

But, because of security concerns at the cemetery, an application to transfer his body was filed about three weeks later.

And Elvis was finally laid to rest near a Grecian-style temple in Graceland’s 13-acre grounds in Memphis, Tennessee.

An insider said last night: “It seems that history is repeating itself three decades on. King of Pop Jacko’s final send-off looks like it will be remarkably similar to that of Elvis.”

Jacko’s eventual burial at Neverland will turn the ranch into a Graceland-style shrine for fans. They will eventually be able to flock to a specially-built mausoleum.

But the ornate marble construction will not contain the Thriller singer’s body. Instead he will be buried in one of his favourite spots on the estate next to a lake.

“There is a mountain of red tape to go through but it has to be done,” one insider said. “The main thing is that Michael finds peace at last.”

Billionaire Thomas Barrack, who owns Neverland with Jackson, has already sought an exemption to bury him at the ranch.

A private memorial service for family and close friends is set to go ahead this weekend. Jacko’s body is to be taken to the ranch today. More than one billion people worldwide are expected to tune in to historic TV pictures.

But there will be NO public service at Neverland and no lying in state, the Jackson family said in a statement last night.

They said: “Contrary to previous news reports, the Jackson family is officially stating there will be no public or private viewing at Neverland.

“Plans are under way regarding a public memorial, and we will announce those shortly.”

The family is terrified that obsessed fans will target the singer’s burial place, so his lead-lined tomb will be encased in tons of concrete.

The body is expected to leave Los Angeles for Neverland today at 10am LA time, 6pm UK.

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