Daria on DVD at last?

From TVShowsOnDVD.com:
Marty Day, who runs the website Blast-O-Rama.com, received an early copy yesterday of another long-awaited MTV program, The State. Marty's e-mail to us, describing what happened next, just about says it all: "Popped in the first disc, and wouldn't you know it, the DVD starts with an ad promoting Daria hitting DVD in 2010. I guess they're following one 'couldn't be done' release with another! Marty was also kind enough to send us a screen capture as proof...we've got that below!

This is incredible news for the thousands of registered members of this site, who have voted for Daria to get a proper release on DVD. We're obviously going to be keeping a sharp eye out for more info about this 2010 DVD release, so stay tuned and we'll update you!

I haven't ordered my dvds for The State yet. Anyone got them already who can confirm this? This is the best dvd news I've heard since, well, The State was announced!

source: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Daria-DVDs-Planned/12236