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First teaser trailer for the Prisoner remake

The much anticipated/dreaded mini-series remake of the classic '60s ITV series
The Prisoner is due to be broadcast in November in the US and in early 2010 in the UK. James Caviezel was cast as number Six and Sir Ian McKellen as the new ;) number 2. Also in the cast is Jamie Campbell Bower (HP, Sweeney Todd).
Here is finally the first teaser trailer!

For comparison:

What do you think ONTD? Will this be an epic failure or do you believe it's possible to "update" the original? Is the change from the odd but lovely Portmeirion to a Namibian desert too much for you? WHY aren't they broadcasting this in the UK at the same time? I have to confess the only reason I will watch this is McKellen - even if all else fails he will be an awesome number 2!

Note to fellow LOST fans! If you're unfamiliar with this show (the original!) you should definitely watch it, preferably before the last season starts in case there are even more references (Smoke Monster = Rover among other things) - the creators have acknowledged it was one of the things that inspired them to create LOST in the first place. If you live in the US you can watch all the original episodes at the AMC website. Elsewhere - it's available on VHS, DVD - and later this year on Blu-ray as well.

Sources? That would be telling!
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