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Michael Jackson live CD/DVD confirmed, MJ also had an entire music catalogue as a gift for his kids

Cameras captured Michael Jackson's final rehearsal -- the day before he died -- in footage that's already being compiled for a DVD and album, according to published reports yesterday.

The Gloved One was singing and dancing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday as he prepared for a monumental, 50-show run that was supposed to kick off next month in London, the Chicago Sun-Times said.

The show was going to have dazzling elements including 20-foot puppets, gigantic spiders, pyrotechnics and 3D effects, USA Today reported.

A source at AEG, promoter of the London concerts, boasted only hours after the King of Pop's death: "We have a live album in the can," according to the entertainment Web site

The video footage also will likely fuel a TV special featuring parts of the three-hour-plus rehearsal, the Sun-Times said, although any program is unlikely to air until after a live tribute to Jackson in September.

The live show is reportedly set to include superstars such as Madonna, Diana Ross, Wyclef Jean, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Barbra Streisand.

Meanwhile, Jacko's estate is sitting on a cache of unreleased music, a family insider told The Post.

"He's recorded more than one album" of unreleased material, said the source. "He's got maybe enough for 10."

It was also revealed yesterday that Jacko recorded a treasure trove of songs for his three children -- insisting the tunes not be released until after his death, a source close to the family told The Post.

The poignant gift to Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and "Blanket," 7, may turn out to be one of the kids' most lucrative heirlooms -- and part of a musical legacy that is already paying off in burgeoning sales since the King of Pop's death.

"A family member told me [Michael] had 100 specific songs that he didn't want released until his death -- and he wanted it for his children," said the source.

In Britain, five of Jacko's singles jumped to the top 40 yesterday -- and his "Number Ones" album, featuring many of his biggest hits, skyrocketed from 121 in the charts last week to No. 1. It was released in 2003.

Although his financial legacy is likely to cause a legal headache for years to come, it appears the flood of money from the spike in music sales will all go to the heavily-in-debt Jackson estate.

But it's unclear who will be overseeing those affairs.

One well-placed source said Jackson's sister Janet is sole executor of his estate, and will handle incoming assets, as well.

"She's the only one controlling all of that," the source said.

But Michael's dad, Joe, said in a strongly worded statement last night that he and his wife are the only ones with authority over Jackson's affairs, including his kids.

In an interview earlier in the day, Joe Jackson predicted that his son would be an even bigger star in death than he was during almost a half-century of performing.

"It seems to me he is going to be more larger than when he was alive," he told Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Channel.

Fans flocked to the Apollo Theater in Harlem all day yesterday to honor Jackson.

Joe Jackson said his son would have been touched by the tributes.

"To all his fans . . . he loves you and always and forever," the elder Jackson said. "Michael was the biggest superstar in the world and in history.

"He was loved by everyone, whether poor or whatever."

Jackson fan Gina Gentile, a 40-year-old public-relations consultant from Staten Island, said she hopes the coming months and years will focus on Jackson's musical talent -- and less on child-sex-abuse allegations that tarnished his reputation.

"Now we're going back, reminiscing and listening to the music again, rather than dwelling in the past -- that was all negativity," she said. "Now he can be seen in a positive light. He'll always be a legend. He was a victim of society, and he was exploited. And he's at peace now."


I think the thing about the songs he recorded for his kids is simply amazing. I hope that people can focus on the positive now instead of dwelling on all the negative stuff that surrounded MJ.
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