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DanRad interview in EMPIRE Magazine

Daniel discusses not only his role in Harry Potter but also his other past and upcoming projects. And rambles, really rambles.

This interview features spoilers.

DR: There's a moment moment, who knows if it will stay in the film, where we're discussing the Felix Felicis potion, which gives you perfect luck, and I say to Dumbledore, "Have you ever taken Felix Felicis?" and he says, "Only recreationally"

EMPIRE: Isn't your dresser, Will, your best friend?
DR: Yes, well remembered. We've been married for 8 years now and some days it does come quite close to divorce. But he's my best friend and I love him.

It's very rare that somebody's only good at acting, I think. Most actors have probably got something else that they're a lot better at. Like Michael Gambon. He restores guns.
EMPIRE: Really?
DR: Sorry, he'll kill me for saying that. He restores pistols -- There's a difference, apparently. He restores 17th and 18th century pistols. He was an engineer and used to make guns.

EMPIRE: Is there one person you can single out as the most important person you've met because of the films?
DR: Gary Oldman, he's great. Other people would be Imelda Staunton and David Yates. They've all been very inspirational to me. But I have to single Gary out because of his focus and desire and just the ease with which he acts. He can just do it. I think it bores him slightly how easily it comes to him. I think he and Daniel Day-Lewis are the best actors of their generation.

DR [regarding people's response to his role in Equus]: They're just idiots, these people. Things in The Daily Mail where they pretend someone has written in -maybe they did write in, I can't prove otherwise- but they say, "I'm a concerned mother..." Well, leave your name then. They've always anonymous, these people, which I find somewhat suspicious, all these mothers who don't want their names getting out.

DR: I hate it it when people have bits of ethnic statuary and stuff in their houses. It's so pretentious. Yes, ok, you've traveled and you're multicultural. What's this obsession that some of the richest people in the country have with wanting to show some connection to some of the poorest parts of the world?

DR: I've just got this new phone, which I hate. On my old phone, nobody could ever leave me a message because the voicemail box was always full. I had the same number for so long and early on I'd give it out to people and it's sperad, like some kind of spider diagram. So it was full of freaks -just people screaming. Also, lots of wrong numbers. Something that seems to happen is that hilarious people will put my number in someone' phone under a fake name and I'll get message saying, "Hi John, I'm at a party" or whatever.

DR: I got a family tree from Jo Rowling which says when everybody was born. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were both born in 1980, so it's all set in the early '90s. By now we'd be about in the middle of the Oasis/Blur debacle!

DR: I will never do that again. I hated that. That Goblet of Fire hairdo kind of came about by accident. We were all told not to cut our hair over the summer and then Mike Newell came in and said, "Oh, that's fine." Was Rupert's hair long then?
EMPIRE: Very long.
DR: Yes, we both had really long hair. But Mike Newell just said, "Oh yes, that's wonderfull". So we were stuck with it. Awful.

DR: I do want to buy a nice car.
EMPIRE: Isn't that the first thing you do when you get a big paycheque?
DR: Well, I can't drive. Never had a lesson. I want a Golf GTI, I think they're good cars. Do you drive? How old are you?
EMPIRE: I'm 29 and I've also never had a lesson.
DR: Oh good, that's a comfort. I thought I was the only person over 17 who couldn't drive.

DR [regarding 'The Journey Is The Destination' about a photo-journalist who was killed in Somalia]: At one point it was supposed to be shooting in Kenya, but then it broke out in civil war, so I'm not sure that will happen. I don't want to do that horrible Black Hawk Down thing of filming in one part of Africa and then casting actors from a completely different area and doing that awful, "Oh, they all look the same, no-one will notice the difference". It's this form of subtle racism that seems to happen sometimes and it's horrible"

DR: We haven't had Dobby in the movies since, I think, the second. So we've now got to re-establish a character and then have it mean something when he does. So we need time to do that. Maybe I should have a line when he pops up: "Dobby! I haven't seen you since 2003!"

DR: Me and Emma have had our row, which you will with anybody you spend so much time with. The only reason Rupert and I have probably never argued is that he's the most totally laidback person you'll ever meet. You could probably set fire to him and he wouldn't really mind. We've been very lucky to get on so well for so many years. It'll be very sad when it's all over.

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