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true blood updates: rutina interview, ratings, & the new vamp

Tara Thornton & Her Demons
Image and video hosting by TinyPic has a great interview with Rutina Wesley where she discusses her acting background, her character as Tara Thornton and much more. The interview is gives a little more background on Rutina and what’s going on with Tara for True Blood Season2.

Some of the interview below:

Can you talk a bit then how Tara evolves throughout the season?

Rutina Wesley: Like I said, we’re going to see Tara getting taken care of. There’s going to be some romance and then there’s chaos of course, but without giving too much away I do think that just generally it’ll be a softer side of Tara that we’ll see this season. I mean, her edge is still there, but she’s not as edgy as she was last season. She’s definitely a lot more vulnerable and I think it’s very beautiful to see a black character on TV that the writers have given so many levels to and so much complexity. She’s not just the angry woman. She’s got so much more to her and that’s why I enjoy and love playing her.

Who’s your favorite character, apart from Tara?

Rutina Wesley: Oh, everyone. I’m being totally honest here. It’s really hard to have a favorite because especially this season the creative team has given everyone something so meaty and juicy to work on and everyone is playing it so well. I think that all of us have been cast right on and so everyone is playing their part brilliantly and there’s no one person that I lean more towards. I mean, I love Nelsan Ellis. We went to school together. I’ve always loved him, since we were in school. I enjoy working with Anna Paquin and Adina Porter who plays my mother and of course Michelle Forbes who is amazingly…her and Adina are two of the most amazingly grounded women and actresses that I’ve worked with in my life. They’re just there. I’ve learned so much from working with them. It’s been a real treat.

True Blood's New Vamp: Isabel 
 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The article also focuses on some of the great cable roles Ms. Cruz has had the opportunity to play while fighting the stigma of being Latino in Hollywood

Ms. Cruz on playing vampire Isabel, and whether the story stays true to the plot line of the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series”Living Dead In Dallas“:

Yeah, I think it does. Isabel’s relationship with [lair-mate] Stan is more antagonistic than it’s written in the book. She’s a lot more compassionate than most of the other vampires. She wants to find a way to coexist peacefully with humans, rather than having complete disregard for human life. Most of thevampires that you meet - they’re more of the vein that humans - they can’t really be bothered. Isabel is unique in that sense. It’s the first time you meet another vampire like [Stephen Moyer's character]Bill, who has a little more reverence for human life. She’s older than Bill. With age, having walked the Earth for 600 years, your sensibilities start to change.”

On doing a disproportionate number of shows based on books including, The Dresden Files, True Blood, Dexter. and whether they provide unique challenges:

I feel like with ‘Dresden Files’, people were so passionate about that book series - and they kind of went off-kilter by casting a Latin person as the Murphy character - people really needed to get over that, and they did. I love having a book to reference, and I think it’s great too - as a viewer, I know when I have a favorite book and it comes out as a movie, it’s fun. It’s exciting that you get to see these characters you’ve had in your mind’s eye actualized visually, and I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s more challenging, in a sense, in that you want to be as good as what people have had going on in their heads for X amount of years, while the books have been out, and to stay true to the character.

Ms. Cruz has had the unique opportunity to work on edgy more out their shows. In her interview she mentions, which I completely agree with. “I think you see a lot of the coolest shows ending up on cable.”

Valerie Cruz’s character vampire Isabel will be debuting on the next episode of Trueblood On July 12th

  True Blood's Excellent Ratings


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True Blood Season 2 Episode 3, “Scratches” matched it’s own previous record for viewers by capturing 3.7 million viewers at the 9PM showing. The total views for the two Sunday showings at 9 and 11 pm reached 5.1 million viewers as it had for the season two premier.

According to Seat 42F, “Currently, True Blood is averaging a gross audience of over 10.8 million viewers per episode (linear network airings, HBO On Demand and DVR), outperforming its first season average by 38%.




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