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omg u guise, I just got off the phone with my friend and...

Tonight, my friends met...

Yes, my friends met freaking Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood. Yes, I'm jealous.

I made one spill the deets, and this is what I got:

They watched Farragut North at the Geffen Playhouse. While they waited in the lobby area, they spotted Bruce Greenwood and were like "OH SHIT OH SHIT" the whole time. Before the play started, she said they announced there'd be a post-show Q&A type deal with the actors. Naturally, they stayed for it, hoping it wouldn't be like a "members only" exclusive thing. It wasn't, and they got to sit in the third row from the stage. After the Q&A, most of the actors left, but Chris Noth and Chris Pine stayed back for a bit talking to the people in the audience who came up to the stage. She didn't meet Chris Noth, but she said he was really nice and cordial from what she saw. There was a huge crowd and it looked like all the actors had left already, so they thought they'd leave too. At the last second though, they decided to try and see if any of the actors might still be inside, and what do you know? Chris Pine was there! So they went up to the stage and talked to him.

She said he was SUPER nice. He held out his hand and was like "Hi, I'm Chris!" (as if she didn't know. Adorbs.) They talked about the play very briefly, and he thanked them for their compliments. They saw another girl ask for a picture but the ushers said they didn't allow photography in the actual theater. They were about to give up but Chris was just like "Oh, we can take them outside then!" So they left and waited out in the lobby. After a while, Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood both walk out onto the street and they looked like they were about to go to their cars. My friends just kind of stood back because they didn't want to bother them, especially since Chris looked so tired after the show. But then Chris remembered the photos and was like "Oh! Girls!" (ngl, I kinda loled at that part). After Bruce and Chris took a picture with another girl, my friends got to take their photo and that was that.

Overall, friend said Bruce and Chris were both incredibly sweet. They didn't talk to Bruce much, aside from sth like "We love you," but he gladly joined their picture. She says Chris was very gracious and presh, and the whole time he talked to them he was all smiles and "Thank you"s. She wants to say that at one point he said "that means a lot" but she was kind of starstruck, lol.

For the TL;DR crowd: they are, in her words, "Glorious. Just lovely."

Source: My friends with their bikes on facebook and my phone conversation with one of them. (One has an LJ actually, but she's not a member of ONTD, so I got her permission and took the liberty of posting this in her place, mods, if that's okay.)
Tags: celebrity encounter
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