douchebag danny strikes again

Someone for IDF hacked into Gokey's cousin's Facebook TOOK PICTURES FROM THE PUBLIC FACEBOOK THAT WAS MADE PRIVATE AFTERWARDS and posted these pictures. They're from a dinner the contestants went to with ~the Gokeys~. Gokey apparently had a print of the picture of Adam covered in green body paint and glitter and asked him to sign. The real fun is in the captions and the photo comments.

Danny asking Adam to sign the soon to be Famous green picture. Adam posed in a picture where his whole body was painted green and he had blue sparkily lipstick on and a blue hair wig with a Tiara and a necklace. He also wore some sort of long skirt.

Adam was supper P.O.ed when he saw it his voice went all high pitched and he said "What the F***!" "where did you get this" Danny is all like just sign it. Adam said "You owe me for this!" LOL! My dad and I just laugh all night long about it, I thought he would be proud of the picture... i guess not...

"Sigh" dad took pics of me with Adam and its sooo funny cause he told me he is going to use it for black mail! Adam I have to say was nice, but to me it felt kind of fake but that just MHO. He did like to tell me how good he thought he looked in one of the photos I had him sign lol!!

Me, Adam and mom. He is very photogenic!


Jessica Delarosa Bzdawka at 11:01am April 14
i think there is something wrong with his medulla oblongata!!

Talea A Gokey at 3:41pm April 14
lol! If you have any doubts about which side of the street he walks on and this doesn't confirm it. There is a video out there where he is singing at a club with male dancers and they are not afraid to show you some things lol!!

John Negron at 3:48pm April 14
UH? SICK!!!!! I know I saw the one where he was dancing with some chicks. Or at least I hope it was chicks. :( Anyways, I cant stand him. He is just annoying. His scream in EVERY song is just getting real old real fast!

Michelle Haasch at 6:06pm April 14
*OK, I just puked!!!
He's absolutely ridiculous!!

Dannielle Hamilton at 6:15pm April 14
ooooooooooooooooh HELL NO!!! R U SERIOUS!??!!??

Jessica Delarosa Bzdawka at 10:54pm April 14
so this is what..i mean who...we want our kids voting for and possibly looking up too????????

Michelle Haasch at 11:03pm April 14
HECK NO!!!!!!
By the looks of all the photos flying around the internet
of Adam...he's not sure AT ALL who his "True self" is......

Jessica Delarosa Bzdawka at 11:05pm April 14
or WHAT he is!!!!!...ok..thats mean. I have to remember that God loves everyone....even those that dress like that!!!!!!


Mark Bolin at 7:11am April 12
Where's the pic of your dad with Adam????? You promised!

Talea A Gokey at 5:45pm April 13
I know but to tell you the truth dad stayed as far away as the room would allow!


"Yes. I accept gay people, but people have to accept my beliefs," Danny said. "We have to accept their beliefs, but they have to accept my beliefs. We agree to disagree. I don't judge people, but at the same time, if they believe in what they believe, they have to accept me and what I believe. But I accept anybody as they come. That's my character and my personality."

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