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I'm Not A Twihard, I Just Crush A Lot

My Remember Me Set Adventure

For those who know how to read:
I got wind of Rob Pattinson's Remember Me set location yesterday, June 15th. Robert Pattinson fan that I am (foot face, greasy hair and all), I mozied over to the vicinity via subway and snooped around with my friend and one of her gays.

I arrived and discovered a lot of lingering onlookers and a more or less vacant set. I used my keen snoop senses and discovered a gathering of females of all ages as well as a few men. Judging by their sharpie pens, cameras and chosen reading material, I gathered they were Robert Pattinson and/or Twilight fans. Contrary to popular belief, they weren't all overweight or pre-pubescent. I saw some girls in school uniforms and others flanked by their enabling parents.

I learned the crowd was surrounding a trailer where Rob was taking his lunch break. I joined the crowd and waited. I reminded some girls that it would not be prudent to startle Rob or ask to be bitten once he descended from his trailer like a hot piece of English trailer trash.

In the meantime, Rob's co-star, Emilie de Ravin, smoked on the steps. No one gave two shits that she was there. I almost felt sorry for her, but then remembered that she played Tess on Roswell (that bitch!) and withdrew my sympathy.

Finally, Rob appeared and a rainbow materialized over his face. Must have been the ~dazzle.

Wesley Snipes and Dr. Phil could not have anticipated what would come next.

Rob tried to remain polite and smile even though 200 or so people were closing in on him

What followed was terrifying. Think the Beatles' being chased through the streets in A Hard Day's Night.

Hundreds of people swarmed around Rob as he and his handlers tried to round the corner to walk to the set. There were people on all sides of him running, screaming and generally going hospital Bella. He walked extremely slowly since there was no way to walk quickly. He looked down and tried to remain calm. I was pushed through the crowd and nearly got trampled.

Finally, Rob reached the bulding that was their destination and sprinted in. My friends and I had nothing else to do and chilled next to a park while much of the crowd repositioned itself around the set.

Rob stayed inside for a bit until filming recommenced. He and a co-star did some filming and sound work on the street corner directly opposite from where we stood.

(sorry for the graininess)

Afterwards, Rob et al went inside the school building to film a classroom scene. Most of the onlookers were gone by then, mostly because the skies had opened decided to piss all over us.

Anyway, back to Robert.

We eventually got sick of waiting around for him in the rain, but were lucky enough to see him return to his trailer to change before he called it a day.

Random homage to Public Enemy circa 1991

Rob in his normal clothes, happy to get the fuck away from the mobs and drama.

I'm too old for this shit, but am so glad I got to see him in the flesh.


Sources: Mon appareil et moi
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