Groupie Stories: Where TL;DR Doesn't Count



I met Travis a while back on the set of the game's video "Dope Boyz" while me n my sister were visiting LA. I was there because a friend of ours was apart of the game's entourage! we were in Game's trailer smoking and drinking when there was a knock on the door! Travis Barker comes in with some jeans a fitted n no shirt. Showing of them tattoos! My panties instantly got wet! Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always had a thing for him. Anyways Game had asked him if he picked up "them blunt wraps." Trav said yea n pulled a box of wraps out his pocket! I guess he didn't realize he also pulled out a condom that fell on the floor.

The same one that would b used on me later that night! So I picked up the condom n said, "hey u dropped this" handing it back to him. He smiled at me n had that look in his eyes that said "girl if u only knew what I would do to u". That’s when I knew it was going down. So he asked my sister would she mind moving down so he could sit next to me. She did. When he sat down he handed me a nick of weed n a wrap n said could I roll it up! I told him I didn't know how n he said lemme show u! As I'm watching him lick the wrap n roll our blunt all I could think about is how good that tongue would b if he were using it on me instead! =) Well anyway, we all smoked this tightly rolled l! Then we were chilling n talking n laughing n listening to Game talk about how lame g-unit is! (why is he still on that). I guess Travis didn't wanna hear it anymore cause he grabbed my hand n took me to the bathroom in the back of the trailer.

When we got in there he asked me if I ever fucked a white boy! I told him no n he said well if u fuck me I bet you wonder why u never have! So I looked at him bit my lip n said actions speak louder then words! So at this point in my head I'm thinking its about to happen. I’m getting wetter by the minute! We start to kiss (he’s not the best kisser, a lil too much tongue, but that worked wonders for me later that night). After about 5 minutes of kissing n rubbing, he goes for my belt. He looked at me n asked me if it was okay to take it off. I told him yea! Just when he pulled my panties game knocked on the door n said they had to shoot the last seen of the video! Ugggh. I was so mad! So as I'm getting dressed Trav asked me for my number. He said, we're gonna finish what we started. So I gave him the number.

Me n my sister left back to our hotel. So some time passes. At around 3am my phone starts ringing. I'm sleeping so I don't pick it up! Ten minutes later its ringing again n my sister yelled at me to pick up my damn phone. So I pick up and its Mr. barker!!!! He was like hey. sorry I called so late but when money calls I gotta answer! I told him I like the way he thinks. He told me he was sorry to wake me up n normally he would let me sleep but since he was leaving to Miami in a few hours he wanted to see me before he left! I told him where I was and he was there in less than 45 minutes. While I was waiting for him to get there I was trying to get my sister to leave but she was sleeping n anybody who knows her knows that if she's sleeping its gonna take hours to wake her up! So when I heard the knock on the door I gave up trying. I went to open the door for Travis n told him can we go somewhere cause my sister is sleeping on the other bed n she's not budging!

He grabbed my waist n said don't worry we'll b quiet! So we go to my bed n lay down. We start to kiss! He asked me would I mind giving him head so I got down to it. I sucked on it for a good 10 minutes. Until I felt like he was about to cum. he stopped me n said he's wasn't ready to nut yet. He whispered to me I'm a gentleman so I have to return the favor. Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The way he eats p*ssy should b a felony! That was the first time I ever came from oral! so then he slips on a magnum! He went right to work. He was dicking me down for a good 45 minutes. I squirted for the first time. I couldn't believe a white boy was doing this to me. then I got on top. did my one two thing. n fell over after. We lay in the bed for about 15 minutes just talking n laughing. Then he asked if he could take a shower. While he was in the bathroom I smacked my sister’s face to wake her up to tell he what happened. She laughed n said I know bitch I was watching. lol. So anyway I went in the bathroom to make sure he had a towel. He told me to come in the shower. he bent me over n hit it from the back! hard! after we got out the shower he got dressed n said he had a good time n that we should stay in touch. he left! me n my sister ordered room service. While we were eating I got a text from Travis that said, "If you find another white man who can do what I did I'll pay you a million dollars cash. Talk to u when I land in Miami". His confidence is such a turn on. I laughed, deleted his number and went on about my life. I got wanted.


I met Tank about eight yrs. ago at a club in Chi-town where I'm from called Biology Bar, and for my Chicagoans they know that had to be a long time ago but anywho this guy who used to promote for most of the clubs downtown had mad crush on me and would set me and my girls up with the v.i.p treatment. This particular Friday night we were gettin it in in the v.i.p thinking we were the sh*t (and we were), but you know how you are when you young lol, not giving a f*ck. I'm tipsy and this guy knocks my drink out my hand and I'm like WTF n*gga is you crazy! So I look up and there he is like pardon me madam I can get you another one! I was shell shocked because thats when he was hot (first album sh*t).  So he buys us another bottle and leaves. I was like damn I didn't even have time to put my mack down, but whatever. Fast forward, and the club's about to close.  The lame ass dude who sets us up with the treatment wanted to go to some after party sh*t.  So as we were about to head out and there's Tank and I think he's coming over to talk to me.  Inside I'm geeked, but to my surprise he's like what's up my man y'all goin to the after party I was mad the promoter whose feelin himself way too much is like yeah y'all can follow me and my girl HATER!!!!!!!! Fast forward some more after party is lame as hell Tank walks over to me and is like you wanna get some air I'm like hell yeah. So we leave and he's like can you show me around I'm thinking no lets just f*ck.

I was thirsty cuz he was fine, but I obliged him and took him to the lakefront we talked for a lil while and he says lets get out.  Now anybody in the Chi knows the winters are the coldest but I'm like f*ck it. We're sitting on his rented Lambo and we start kissing after that I wasn't cold no more he licks his fingers and slides his hands between my legs and starts fingering my p*ssy softly I was so into it I'm moaning and he says I  wanna do some real nasty things to you lets go back to my hotel. We get to the telly which was nice cuz he had a suite at the W and he orders the usual player shit strawberries and champagne we drink and now my buzz is back so he's like strip so i do and he is singing all the while about my tattoos and caramel nipples I was so wet. He then ask me to get on the bed get to edge and then get on my knees soon as I did he starts to eat my p*ssy and ass out, it was bananas. Then he says Imma f*ck you like I love you I was so wet at this point he coulda told me to bark like dog. He flips me over licks me from my neck to my clit and slid his d*ck in real slow one hand on his d*ck one caressing my tit. We were f*cking real passionately and I came like a bitch he was baby we aint done yet. So he flips me over and then it got rough as hell doggystyle but in a good way.

We f*cked for about 45 minutes in all type of Kama Sutra positions and when he came he drizzled it all over my back and I liked every minute of it. The next morning we took a shower together f*cked again ate lunch he had his man by me a BeBe jogging suit and some Victoria secrets to wear for my ride home. He said he wanted to keep my panties and I let have something to remember me by. After that he called me a cab gave a stack and that was that. Needless to say the next week the promoter dude revoked our v.i.p treatment but I didn't care it was well worth it!!