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Your daily True Blood spoilers!!

Season premier spoilers. Lafayette fans especially, read if you dare!


Man they are totally diverting from the books, by the looks of this review..

Looks like he let the Cat out of the bag, so to speak.

By the swampy opening licks of Jace Everett's "Bad Things," I am comforted and excited. True Blood is back - back to the bayous and rotting churches of Bon Temps, Louisiana with its very special denizens.

Alan Ball's adaptation of the popular Southern Vampire series of Sookie Stackhouse and company was an ambitious take on the roiling controversies inherent in sexuality, sin, tolerance and all that good n' evil stuff. Here we jump into Season 2, right were the Season One finale left off.

If you remember, we found out the mysterious murders last season were perpetrated by the Cajun Rene Lenier, Arlene's fiancé and best friend to Jason Stackhouse.

Lafayette has been kidnapped (we'll find out by whom later) and Sookie and Tara have discovered another body in the parking lot of Merlot's. And it's exactly at this point we rejoin the action of our heroes.

The body in the car is the fake-voodoo priestess who gave Tara and her mother "exorcisms." Her hearts been ripped out of her chest. Just another night in Bon Temps.

The early money on the culprit has to be the coldly nefarious, Maryann Forester, who showed up last season naked and standing in the middle of a road with a giant pig. Maryann has a focused interest on Tara, and she knows Sam from his past. And you know rich ladies with big ass cornucopia-feasts in their kitchens are just up to no good.

We find out that Lafayette isn't dead (yet) as some thought when he was snatched at the end of season one. The funniest scene-stealer in the cast is locked up in a gross dungeon somewhere, chained to a merry-go-round from hell. All I know is, seeing Nelsan Ellis with a 5 o'clock shadow is disconcerting.

Rounding out the principle cast, Sookie's brother Jason is still reeling from his trauma of last season. In the words of my Zen-like roommate: "His hot-ass girlfriend is dead, right?"

Yes, Amy (Lizzy Caplan) was one of Rene's victims, and the experience has left Jason with the kind of emotional hole often filled by the reassuring and life affirming tenets of organized religion. Jason is getting his Church on. Unfortunately, he's chosen the creepy and often-hinted at, Fellowship of the Sun. The Dallas-based anti-vampire church is Ball's critique of the shiny-faced sleek and conservative mega-churches popular in the south. Think Joel Osteen, but violent. And less gay.

Which leaves us with Sookie. Most of this episode deals with Sookie finding out about Bill's new charge, the annoying teenaged vampire, Jessica Hamby, played by Deborah Ann Woll. Bill was forced to "make" Jessica last season to replace the vampire he was forced to kill in defense of Sookie. She's only 17, and as annoying as you'd expect a teenager to be, but now she's a deadly animal Bill must spend a lot of time controlling.

The big reveal at the end of the episode is that it's none other than the District Sherrif Eric, the imposing Alexander Skarsgård, who is keeping Lafayette in the dank basement of tortures. Lafayette's involvement in the prostitution of vampires and the trafficking of their "V" juice last season my have something to do with it. Needless to say, Eric is going to be a much more important character this year.

We're getting the feeling that Alan Ball has just begun to play in this humid and visceral world created for Sookie and her friends. True Blood may be one of those rare shows that gets more watchable and artistically satisfying as it matures instead of everything going downhill after a stellar first season.

This season will focus a lot on The Fellowship of the Sun, as we know Sookie and Eric will be traveling to Dallas to investigate a vampire problem. The mystery of Maryann continues to have importance, and we still have no idea who/what she is, although we have seen her do that vibrate/buzzy thing. My guess? Devil. has conducted an interview with the great Alexander Skarsgard here. Alex has some Eric spoilers:

- Eric is in all 12 episodes of season 2

- We will see Eric fly

- The haircut will be explained, and the foil we’ve seen in trailers does have to do with his new hairstyle!

- Eric will be seen in women’s clothing at one point (hopefully the orgy scene, hee)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ashley Jones, Emmy-winning soap opera star (The Bold and the Beautiful), will create 'major waves' when she joins the cast of True Blood as Daphne, a new waitress at Merlotte's.

Daphne will debut this Sunday when True Blood returns for season two, when she will quickly become Sam Merlotte's new love interest. Jones will portray Daphne in at least eight of this season's twelve episodes, so she is officially a new force to be reckoned with.

Following are excerpts from a recent interview with SciFi Wire. Warning – spoilers ahead!

HBO kicks off season two this Sunday, June 14, with an episode entitled "Nothing But the Blood."

What did you know about True Blood before coming on board?

I knew it was about vampires. I knew it starred Anna Paquin. I knew it was an Alan Ball show. I knew it was kind of a cult show. That's about all I knew. I didn't even have HBO at the time, so I hadn't seen any episodes. And I think that was the key to me getting the part. I didn't quite know what I was walking into, so I didn't really know what the stakes were when I was reading with Sam Trammell and in front of Alan Ball and Brian Buckner and Nancy Oliver and the other producers and the HBO executives. I just didn't quite realize the power the show has for people. That was my saving grace.

How will Daphne develop over the course of her episodes?

She definitely has an agenda. I've had to sign confidentiality agreements, but there's a lot more to her than you think. There are so many things I want to say. The twists and turns are fascinating, and they were hard to follow and keep up with, because they're so drastic and riveting. I learned about the character slowly, because I'm not sure I would have been able to grasp all of it at one time. She's very complex.

Give us a little sense of her relationship with Sam.

Well, Sam has never had the greatest luck in the love category. Daphne comes along, and they have very similar backgrounds, and they just get each other, in a way. They make each other very comfortable and kind of create their own little world together. There's a lot of love there, and there's definitely a romance involved.

True Blood is filled with vampires and shapeshifters, etc. How deeply involved in all of that does Daphne get?

I ... I ... It goes pretty deep.

Let's see if we can get around the secrecy by asking you a very specific question. How much fake blood have you been around?

Enough. Enough for a while. And it doesn't taste good. It really doesn't taste good.

You just dropped something right there...

I did. I did. That's enough.

Why would a waitress taste blood? Hmmm? Can't wait to see how this plays out. Sunday can't come soon enough for me. Bring on the fangs!

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