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Two new Transformers clips from Germany & Megan laughing at the press

Sure it's in German but it lets you know more of what happens in the movie

Megan Fox stopped to chat to take40.com as she fought her way down the red carpet at the world premiere of 'Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen.

take40.com asked her whether this was the craziest event she'd been a part of and she replied: "No I think as crazy as it gets is when Robert Pattinson goes anywhere, that's as crazy as it gets. He's a Beatle, he's all the Beatles, he's the Backstreet Boys band in a person."

When take40.com put it to her that she might have made Robert cry with her recent quote about him being too young for her Megan confessed "No I know him and he laughs about it, it was a joke."

Punking friends via the press, good work Megan!


Source 2

Source 3

It is no secret that twilight fans are bat shit crazy. and don't believe the hype, they aren't all fat..they're EVERYWHERE, and come in all walks of life!!! And no she isn't calling RPattz the new Beatles, quit taking the comparison so literally GEEZE!

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