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Tori Spelling to Jon and Kate Gosselin: 'This, too, shall pass'

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In an Extra interview that'll air tonight, Tori Spelling tells host Mario Lopez that she was a huge fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8 but now, "it seems to have gone to an odd place."

"I loved the fact that they were a normal family; they weren’t in Hollywood," says Spelling, who appeared on Extra with husband Dean McDermott to promote the fourth season of their Oxygen show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. "It’s hard for me now to see them on the cover of People magazine…I was like, ‘Wow, I’m not watching a celebrity family on TV. I’m actually watching a real family, and I want to know what that’s like so I can relate to that.’ So now it’s gone to a whole different level, and I feel bad for them."

Spelling then offered some advice to the Gosselins: "I hope they’re prepared for what they are going through and just know that this too shall pass…Next week, it will be someone else on the cover and you can go about your life. Good luck to them.”

Tags: 90210, jon and kate gosselin

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