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Teresa Talking about "Bubbies"

Never exactly a retiring character, Teresa Giudice was at the center of the drama on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The mom of three — with one more child due in September — finally underwent a breast augmentation on the show after talking about her “bubbie” issues all season. Calling on a break from her busy schedule, a bubbly Giudice explained why she got plastic surgery, her issues with costar Danielle Staub and opened up about whether or not she really only pays in cash. – Brian Orloff

Why did you want to have the surgery?
Did you see the shot with the leopard bathing suit? Does that answer your question? I was confident before. The only problem I had was in bathing suits. I always had to get them padded. I liked [my breasts] being little, but after I breastfed [my three daughters], they completely went away. It’s not like I wanted big boobs or anything. I wanted to be a little bit fuller. I just did it for myself.

Did you explain it to your kids?
The little ones didn’t know what was going on but Gia, I told her, ‘Mommy breastfed all three of you. You guys took all my milk, so now mommy’s just getting the milk put back inside.’ So, she understood. I didn’t want to get into details with her. She’s a kid; she doesn’t need to know.

It seems like you all are obsessed with breasts. Are you always talking about “bubbies?”
Even before the show, we always talk about bubbies. Dina’s had them done a few times. And now she thinks they’re too big. We always give each other compliments about what we’re wearing. That’s why it always seems like we’re talking about it.

On last week’s show you had some strong opinions about Danielle’s past. How did you find out about the book and what were your concerns?
Dina and Caroline were the ones who let me know — and I was so freaked out about it. Like so freaked out because I have little ones. Mostly, I was freaking out because of the kidnapping [allegations]. I was like, “Who is this girl? She’s been around my kids.” I swear I was so freaked out. I didn’t even want to talk to her after that.

When you got the call from Steve saying he was bringing another woman to your house did you ever think of telling Danielle?
I wasn’t going to tell her because I wasn’t going to get involved. Steve was my husband’s friend. Not that I feel loyal to him or anything. I’d just rather stay out of it. Danielle’s a big girl; she can handle herself. But just one comment I’ve got to make: Getting involved with a 26-year-old and she’s 47, I mean, I think says it all.

Are you happy with how you’ve been portrayed on the show?
There’s little things here and there which, of course, I have no control over.

Care to be more specific?
About the [scene where I spent lots of] cash. That was just a small deposit. That was not $120,000 [in cash]. I don’t want people thinking I have that kind of cash. That’s ridiculous and that’s not safe anyway. And of course with the whole stage mom thing. But over time, I think people will see that it’s what Gia wants to do, and I’m just being the supportive mom. I think [Real Housewives of New York City star] Bethenny [Frankel] wrote I was living [vicariously] through Gia. I’m so not doing that — and Bethenny, mind your business. Stay on this side of the bridge!


cant wait for the finale next week!!

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