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Reality Steve Claims The Bachelorette Producers Approached Guys with 50K to Appear as Single Men

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In case you didn't know, Reality Steve is a blogger who does recaps and gives insider gossip about television's hottest unscripted series, including Jon & Kate, American Idol, and The Bachelor. His most recent recap regarding this week's episode of The Bachelorette 5 with Jillian offers several tasty tidbits of gossip:

"Before we get started, let me first give you my first bit of information I found out about this season that is 100% true. I’ve heard plenty of rumors and innuendo, but finally something has come to the forefront that shows once again how well engineered this show is. Not surprising to hear this, but still, par for the course for ABC. As we all remember in the first episode, when David exited the limo, he stood in front of Jillian for a good ten seconds in complete silence. In episodes since, the guy has been anything BUT silent, and has come across as a drunken lunatic. Yet on the first episode, he said he couldn’t think of anything to say, Jillian liked that approach and gave him the first impression rose for it. Well, I have found out in recent days, confirmed to me by three independent sources, that Dave was told on the night of the meet-and-greet to pretend he was nervous. In addition, the scene where he is speechless in front of Jillian was also re-shot THREE times because he kept laughing every time he did it. Like I said, not surprising to hear it, but it all plays in to “roles” that are created for each guy. So it’s very tough to take any edit of Dave from here on out seriously, because it seems like they just decided to have fun with him. However, us as viewers can only go with what they show us, so that’s what I’ll comment on. But if the first impression rose was staged this season, exactly what are we supposed to think about the rest of this nonsense?"

He also drops a bombshell regarding how ABC went about casting some of the 30 men supposedly dying to meet all-Canadian girl Jillian:

"However Kiptyn, after telling us he’s not a pursuer, not explains why he came on this show. Kip: “I was telling myself, ‘You need to do this. You need to go after something.’” Well, either that or someone influenced you to come on the show with a few hundred benjamins in hand. Hey look, I said it a month before the season started, and I’ll say it again. I know that there were two guys approached about coming on the show, both offered $50k and guaranteed at least final four, and both of those guys turned it down. Now, whether or not ABC decided to go after a couple other guys with the same offer, or more money, or less money, I don’t know. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But I know that two individuals were offered money to come on the show and rejected it. It might mean that some of the guys this season were paid, it might not. However, I will say this. If Kiptyn ends up in the final two, doesn’t get picked, and ends up as our next “Bachelor”, I think the writing is on the wall. This show is telling a story, remember that. It’s not that far fetched to think that’s what’s going on here. Time will tell."

You can read the full recap here. There's a lot more, including commentary on how Jillian's obviously in on at least some of this, because she's there when they have to re-shoot everything over and over. It should be noted that Reality Steve was the first person to call bullshit on ABC's engineering of The Bachelor with Jason, Molly and Melissa - he revealed that Melissa would be dumped in After The Final Rose, that Jason had planned to pick Molly anyway and that the producers advised him to lead Melissa on for ratings, and of course, he knew about the damning e-mails between Melissa and Jason before anyone else did. The man knows his stuff!

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