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'Real World D.C.': MTV makes it official

After weeks of speculation, MTV made it official this afternoon: "The Real World" is filming its 23rd season in Washington this summer. The show will premiere in 2010, after the current season of "Real World: Cancun" fades into memory.

Eight young adults will move into a house at 20th and S streets near Dupont Circle, which is currently under construction, as it is transformed into a 24-hour TV set. In recent days, photos of the construction have been posted on several local blogs and Web sites.

"The charged atmosphere of Washington D.C., the center of our country's social and political change, will provide an electric setting for this next season of ‘The Real World,’" said Tony DiSanto, MTV's president of programming. “We are thrilled to be filming our classic franchise in the heart of where history is being made ... it adds a whole new dimension to the great characters and drama our viewers expect and love from ‘The Real World.’"

Mayor Adrian Fenty even got in on the excitement, releasing this statement: “In a time when our country has witnessed the impact and spirit of our nation’s young people, it is a pleasure to welcome MTV and ‘The Real World’ cast to the District of Columbia as they utilize the immense opportunities that the District’s backdrop will undoubtedly provide."


You can see pictures of inside the house here.
More pictures of outside the house here.
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