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Ville Valo Talks about New Album

Ville Valo called in to Euro-RockRadio at 4 am Finland time 8pm est Time last night to do a interview for his fans, (aw how sweet) he was actually still in bed watching Twin Peaks. He talks about the album producer, where HIM will be recording the new record, the Album release date,jokes about being single, Coldplay and Rock Of Love. And shares a story about how Gas(the drummer) got their band rehearsal place smelling like shit.

The interview is Here

HIM will start recording a new album in Los Angeles in August with producer Matt Squire

The working title is ‘SCREAMWORKS: Love in Theory and Practice’ and tentative release date by Warner Records worldwide on Valentine’s day 2010.

He said Gas got the place smelling funky after he left his baby's diaper on the couch.

He said the fans can expect the songs to be somewhere in between 'Right here in my arms, Funeral of Hearts' the songs will be direct and straight forward.

So that's for the what like 3 or 4 HIM fans on ONTD?. :p Enjoy...


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