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Alan Carr: 'I was lucky to get a boyfriend'

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Alan Carr has admitted that he looked like a Tesco check-out assistant the night he met his boyfriend Paul.

The comedian was forced to change his outfit after spilling a drink over himself and claimed that he was not expecting to meet a potential suitor.

"I had this lovely light-blue Prada shirt and quite nice slate-grey trousers and funky shoes. As I went out, I spilt red wine down my trousers, so I thought I'd put on my other dark-grey trousers," he told Heat.

"So I left, I looked in the mirror, and I look like I work at Tesco. I thought, no-one's going to fancy me! I should be packing bags and helping get their trolley to the car!

"I was gutted, but he still liked me. And in this business it's so nice to have a plus one."

Carr added that the pair will soon be celebrating their first anniversary and have recently moved in together.


he's fab tbh!
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