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Bryce Dallas Howard co-writes script, may star in it, Ron Howard may direct it.

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Looking back at the original run of “Happy Days,” it was far from obvious that Ron Howard was going to end up being one of the more prolific filmmakers of our time. Now it appears that his very own daughter is trying to pull off a similar sucker punch in her career. How very “Original” of her.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal and Imagine have picked up the rights for “The Originals,” a drama written by Bryce Dallas Howard and Dane Charbeneau. Imagine will produce the project, and the senior Howard is expected to have some involvement as well.

“The Originals” focuses on a group of men and women in their twenties who are reunited for a weekend in New York after learning that their influential childhood teacher has fallen into a mysterious coma. Described as an ensemble piece, it’s likely that there’s a role in there for Bryce Dallas Howard, especially considering her status as one half of the film’s writing force. Howard was most recently seen alongside Christian Bale in “Terminator Salvation,” though we’re betting that killer cyborgs from the future weren’t involved in the “mysterious coma” so central to “The Originals” plot… though that would be awesome.

As for Howard’s father, the “Angels & Demons” director allegedly has his eye on “The Originals” as a potential directing vehicle. THR notes that dear old dad might view his daughter’s script as “a potential antidote to the huge productions for which he is known.”

Truly, “The Originals” is shaping up to be a family affair. In addition to the potential father-daughter combo package, Dallas Howard’s screenwriting partner Charbeneau is engaged to her sister, Jocelyn Howard.


I hate thinking people are so perfect, but I can't change my love for this lady.
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