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For the Glasto fan...

Glastonbury 2009 to be hit by a monsoon?

If experts are correct, prepare to pack your wellies, waterproofs, snorkelling gear and dinghies. Still, on the positive side of things, you're unlikely to need that factor 50 sun cream..

Festival goers head home as the 2007 Glastonbury Festival ends. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA

A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall ... will the deluge come to this year's Glastonbury?

First the good news: light showers have not been predicted for this year's Glastonbury. The bad news, however, is that experts are predicting a monsoon instead. Yes, a monsoon

Dr Craig Wallace of the University of Southampton has studied computer models of the weather over the last three decades. He noted that two monsoons sweep across Europe each June, explaining why this particular summer month is prone to downpours. Dr Wallace told the Times that the annual monsoon was the reason for bad weather in previous years and is likely to strike again, though it is impossible to predict exactly when.

Over on the site, weather predictions for the festival appear to confirm distinctly monsoon-like qualities, saying the weekend of 26-28 June will be "a tad hot, rainy and windy". The site names the long-range forecaster as its source.

The lineup for this year's festival was announced at the end of last month and includes headline performances from Neil Young, Bruce Springtseen and Blur. The Guardian is the official media sponsor of Glastonbury festival, which will take place between the 25-29 June 2009, come rain or monsoon.

*if it's anything like 2007 or 2005 i will cry :-( *  IS ANYONE ELSE GOING THIS YEAR!? Who are you most excited about seeing?



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